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Inner harbour erosion study outcomes

Since the late 1990s, Tauranga City Council has been mapping and planning for natural hazards on behalf of our community. 

On Monday, Council updated the data held on inner harbour erosion on residential files. Letters were sent to the owners of 1180 properties that lie within the zones identified as susceptible to erosion around the Tauranga Harbour. 

This latest study on inner harbour erosion considers a range of potential sea level rise scenarios out to 2130. It improves our understanding of the risks that sea level rise could create, and how our inner harbour shoreline may respond over the coming 100 years, a timeframe set by the Ministry for the Environment.

Deputy Mayor Kelvin Clout said that Tauranga City Council has a well-established history of research into natural hazards, including harbour erosion. 

“This research is the latest in a long list of studies for the Tauranga area, including flooding, tsunami, earthquakes, liquefaction, volcanic ash fall and groundwater levels. It considers a range of sea level rise scenarios and timelines to try and plan for the possibilities that may lie ahead for our city”, Deputy Mayor Clout said.

“This study allows us to consider these scenarios and plan for the future. It is our duty to enable our residents to do the same, which is why we release this information to landowners.”

The updated information on Inner harbour erosion is now included in property files and made available on council’s website at www.tauranga.govt.nz/harbourerosion, with a mapping tool allowing people to see modelled erosion impacts for different locations, timeframes and sea level rise scenarios.

“Our primary goal is to ensure everyone understands the potential risks and can access the information we hold, for inner harbour erosion as well as other hazards. This gives landowners, prospective buyers and developers the ability to see how erosion may affect any property on the inner harbour”, said Deputy Mayor Clout.

Tauranga City Council is hosting open days to provide people, who have received letters about inner harbour erosion, the opportunity to book a meeting with a council expert and ask questions. 

Date Location
14, 15 and 30 May 2019
3pm to 6pm
Tauranga City Council offices
91 Willow Street
Kaimai Room
16 and 21 May 2019
3pm to 6pm
Otumoetai Golf Club
25 Bureta Road
22 May 2019
3pm to 6pm
Mount Maunganui Surf Club
21 Adams Avenue
23, 28 and 29 May 2019
3pm to 6pm
Waipuna Hall
25 Kaitemako Road
Posted: Apr 30, 2019,
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