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Welcome Bay Lane and Greerton updates

Today two transport projects were discussed in the Projects, Services & Operations Committee (PSOC) meeting. Consultants from Aurecon, Stantec and Beca presented an independent review on the Welcome Bay Lane and an advisor from GHD shared an independent review on the Greerton Village Project. The reviews focussed on respectively the re-opening of the slip lane and the options to improve traffic flows in Greerton. This information is now public and can be accessed at www.tauranga.govt.nz/PSOCmeeting.

In summary the following recommendations were carried by the Projects, Services & Operations Committee and the subsequent next steps were identified:

Welcome Bay Lane


That the Committee: 

  1. Receives report DC118 titled Review of Welcome Bay Lane and the presentations from consultants;
  2. Notes the review recommendations from consultants that there is no safe temporary option, that the safest option is for Welcome Bay Lane to remain closed, and that improvements be provided at the traffic signals for cyclists and left turns;
  3. Agrees to pursue reopening the slip lane by implementing Option 3, and that performance evaluation and monitoring of Option 3 improvements be undertaken with a view to progressing to Option 5;
  4. Agrees to undertake educational activities for school children through Tauranga City Council’s Travel Safe Programme, and other cycle advocacy groups; and
  5. Notes that discussions with NZTA will be progressed in relation to provision of funding approval prior to commencement of construction. 

Next steps and timing 

  1. Define the extent of the works.
  2. Work on preliminary Design.
  3. Safety Audit Process.
  4. Detailed Design.
  5. Procurement/Pricing of the works.
  6. Approval by TCC/NZTA to proceed.
  7. Construction

Note: the above steps are expected to take 4-5 months. 

Greerton Village Project


That the Committee: 

  1. Receives report DC117 titled Review of Greerton Village Project and the consultant presentation, noting that staff will report back with proposed next steps. 

Next steps and timing

In a next meeting, staff will report with a plan on how to potentially progress any physical works and engage with the community.

Posted: May 14, 2019,
Categories: General, Transport,


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