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Durham Street project update - Friday, 31 May 2019

Elected Members will decide next Tuesday whether to approve an additional $1.27m in this financial year for the Durham Street and Durham Lane upgrade. An additional $2.01m for next financial year (2019/20) is being sought through the Annual Plan process.

On Tuesday (28 June), Council staff told the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee that the project needed additional funds due to timeframes and construction challenges, including a lack of knowledge of sub-surface conditions and of some services, and the absence of a contingency plan to address these unforeseen challenges. The Committee approved Tuesday to recommend that Council approve this overspend, so these new spaces can be delivered to the community.

Durham Street

Another section of the old asbestos cement waterpipe has been successfully removed to allow new rain gardens to be installed. The remaining section will be removed in coming weeks.

Work on the west side is progressing towards Elizabeth Street, with most of the concrete to be poured by the end of next week. This will leave one section, past the Smith Cycles driveway, to pour. 

The footpath outside Trustpower has been excavated and the cement treated basecourse in place. 

Old Asbestos Waterpipes being Removed
Old asbestos waterpipes being removed.

Concrete Treated Footpath Basecourse in place outside Trustpower
Footpath outside Trustpower has the cement treated basecourse in place.

Spring Street and Durham Street Intersections

Work in this area continues to be delayed as we await relocation of service cables by Chorus. 

  Chorus Cables Requiring Reolcation
Chorus cables requiring relocation.

Durham Lane

Durham Lane, from Durham Street to the Bongard Centre, remains closed to traffic while the Durham Street footpath and parking areas are concreted and cured. The new watermain has been connected.

Work continues on the accessway from Spring Street to the University of Waikato. The Lane has now been excavated down to its new level providing better sight distance on the lane. The Lane remains closed to traffic and pedestrians while excavation and construction is underway.

Please contact Keith Campbell our Stakeholder Manager if you have any concerns or questions.

Posted: May 31, 2019,


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