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Durham Street project update - 7 June 2016

On 4 June 2019, Council approved the additional $1.27m in this financial year for the Durham Street and Durham Lane upgrade.

Durham Street

Winter is officially upon us. The weather has affected progress this week with delays in concrete pours due to rain. However, preparation work for the cobblestone strip between the footpath and the buildings has continued. Expect to see cobbles being placed next week. 

Another rain garden has been installed near the entrance to the carpark building. The installation allows preparation work for the concrete footpath from Spring Street to the carpark building to get underway. More rain gardens and garden pits will be placed next week in front of Trustpower. 

Durham Street - 7 June 2019

Durham Street - 7 June 2019
(Photos: Preparing for rain garden and garden pits.)

The third section of the old asbestos cement waterpipe has been successfully removed to allow new rain gardens to be installed. 

Spring Street and Durham Street Intersections

We are preparing a plan to continue work at the intersection while the Chorus cables relocation is designed and a special manhole is precast. This means there will be construction activity on the intersection next week.

Durham Lane

The concrete nib has been poured between Craigs carpark and the accessway from Spring Street to the University of Waikato. Kerb & Channel in the adjacent carpark has also been poured. 

Durham Lane, from Durham Street to the Bongard Centre, remains closed to traffic while the Durham Street footpath and parking areas are concreted and cured. 

Please contact Keith Campbell our Stakeholder Manager if you have any concerns or questions regarding the construction.

Posted: Jun 7, 2019,


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