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Council decides on Tauranga's transport projects

Tuesday 11 June 2019, during the Urban Form and Transport Development Committee meeting, Elected Members made a decision on how to move forward with some of Tauranga City Council’s main transport projects. This followed clarification on funding received from the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA). Staff presented recommendations on eleven projects aimed at futureproofing infrastructure, improving connections on main corridors, resilience work and/or unlocking land for residential development. 

Key projects that the committee discussed were amongst others the 15th Avenue Upgrade, Domain Road Improvements and Arataki Multimodal project. NZTA categorised these projects as ‘Unlikely’ to receive partnership funding during the 2018-21 National Land Transport Programme (NLTP). These projects had previously been put on hold pending the funding decision from NZTA. 

Meeting outcomes are that council will fully fund construction of stage 1 of the 15th Avenue Upgrade and the planning for the later stages. Stage 1 is focussed on improving traffic flow in the evening peak by developing one new southbound lane, installing traffic lights at the Burrows Street/15th Avenue intersection and restricting access at other side roads. The committee also agreed to fund construction for the Domain Road Improvements (with the maintenance and renewals aspects receiving NZTA funding) and the Arataki Multimodal project. Proceeding with construction of these projects will still be subject to the approval of relevant committees.

The total impact for 2019-20 based on the recommended options is:

  • Reduction in CAPEX: 2,150,000
  • Reduction in NZTA Funding: 6,309,802
  • Increase in Loans: 4,159,802
  • Debt Servicing 2019-20: 103,995
  • Debt Servicing 2020-21 onwards: 207,990

* Impact of changes to OPEX not included and impact on depreciation not included    

Committee Chair Larry Baldock explains that Tauranga City Council must make progress on these key transport projects.

“We cannot sit still and wait. As such, we are committed to going ahead with planning and in some cases construction for these important projects. We need to be ready to act should new funding be available from NZTA.”

For a full overview of all of the projects and approved recommendations, please see the table below.

Project Name Business case funding Construction funding Recommendation
15th Avenue Upgrade Likely Unlikely Continue with construction of Stage 1 using local share and planning for future stages
Cycle Plan N/A Unlikely Continue planning and design. Progress projects with construction funding through the low-cost/low-risk category
Domain Road Improvements N/A Unlikely Complete project as planned without NZTA funding for the improvement elements
State Highway Intersection Improvements N/A Likely Relinquish potential funding back to NLTF
Maunganui Road Improvements Likely Likely Complete business case and hold until funding is secured
Ngatai Road Improvements Likely Likely Proceed with construction only if funding is secured from NZTA
Arataki Multi-modal Likely Unlikely Continue with project as planned, loan funding the cycleway and bus lane elements
Cameron Road multi-modal Likely Unlikely Continue with Business Case, engagement and planning
Seismic Resilience Likely Unlikely Continue planning and discussions with NZTA
Smith’s Farm Access Road N/A Likely Continue planning and discussions with NZTA
Tauriko West Connections Likely Likely Continue planning and discussions with NZTA


Posted: Jun 12, 2019,
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