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Update on Saturday CBD parking trial

An interim report that was presented to the Projects, Services and Operations Committee (PSOC) yesterday showed that the Saturday city centre free parking trial appears to be successful. The trial of free on-street parking was initiated in December 2018 to support the retail sector. From 15 December 2018, on-street parking charges were removed on Saturdays; the time limits were left unchanged. 

Available data suggests that more people are now parking in the core retail area on Saturdays. Additionally, Downtown Tauranga say that retailers are satisfied with the trial, that there have been no reports of unhappy customers about not being able to find a parking space, and that they support the continuation of the trial.

Yesterday, Councillors confirmed that the one-year trial should continue and a report with a full assessment be presented to Council later in the year, after the local elections. The new Council will decide on continuing, extending, or discontinuing the trial.

Parking in all on- and off-street areas, including both car park buildings, is free at weekends and on public holidays, however time limits may still apply in some areas. 

Posted: Jun 26, 2019,
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