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Durham Street project update - Friday, 28 June 2019

The two watermain connections from Durham Street onto the Elizabeth Street main were successfully completed last Sunday and Monday nights. Thank you to those affected for your tolerance.

Durham Street

We have another milestone to celebrate on Durham Street as the first two layers of asphalt from the University of Waikato to Smiths Cycles on the west side has been laid. Traffic has been diverted onto this surface through to Smiths Cycles to allow excavation work to continue past Beaurepaires. The final asphalt surface course will be completed towards the end of the project to ensure it won’t be damaged during construction. 

The first two concrete pours on the east side happened this week as well. One footpath pour alongside the carpark building and a roadway pour for the pedestrian crossing. 

The cobbles have been laid in front of the FENZ carpark allowing this private car park to re-open. Cobbles between the concrete footpath and the property boundaries continue to be laid.

Next week you will see continued excavation in front of Beaurepaires in preparation for stormwater connections to be installed and concrete pours on the footpath.

Please note that we will be closing down one entry lane into the Carpark building from Monday 1st July as work begins upgrading the footpath and roadway. This work will happen progressively across the entrance and exit lanes over the next 3 months. There will always be one entry and one exit lane available during the construction work. Remember after the concrete is poured, it needs time to cure, so there will be times when there is no activity in this area. We will keep you up to date with this information.  

Durham Street - Asphalt being Laid Durham Street - Roller in Action
Photos (left): Asphalt being laid. (right): Roller in action.

Spring Street and Durham Street Intersections

Another milestone is planned for next week with the opening of the Spring St section between Willow Street & Durham Street to one way traffic. Vehicles will be able to travel from Willow St to Cameron Rd or turn left only at Durham St. There will be continued construction activity so please drive carefully.  Please see the diagram at the end of this updated your reference. 

Durham Lane

The concrete drainage channel on the lane between The University of Waikato and Spring Street was laid during the week. Surface preparation will continue next week. The lane remains closed to traffic and pedestrians while construction work is underway. 

Durham Lane, from Durham Street to the Bongard Centre, remains closed to traffic while the Durham Street footpath and parking areas are concreted and cured.

Durham Street - Pedestrian Alternative Route

Please contact Keith Campbell our Stakeholder Manager if you have any concerns or questions regarding the construction.

Posted: Jul 1, 2019,


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