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Durham Street project update - Friday, 12 July 2019

Spring Street and Durham Street Intersections

  • The section of Spring Street between Willow Street and Durham Street has been opened to one way traffic this week. Vehicles can travel from Willow Street to Cameron Road or turn left only at Durham Street. There is continued construction activity in this area so please drive carefully.
  • Street lights on the Intersection have been installed but are yet to be connected. 
  • Work will continue on the footpath cobblestone work, tactile pavers and retaining wall next week.

Durham Street

Durham Street will be closed again on Sunday (14 July) to allow for the installation of more streetlights. There will be access to the carpark building on Sunday.

The final locations for rubbish bins and seating have been confirmed. This means there will be some planned foundation work on the cobbled areas outside of the University of Waikato.

Outside Carpark building

  • Further five concrete pours happened this past week including the footpath up to lane one of the carpark building.  
  • Cobblestone work between the footpath and the building has commenced as well.
  • Concrete across lane one of the carpark building will be poured early next week. There will then be a two week curing period before the lane can be opened and trafficked.

Outside Trustpower and Beaurepaires

  • A new cesspit and connection has been installed outside Beaurepaires.
  • The last rain garden has been placed. Drainage connections from these pits will happen next week.
  • The last garden pits will be installed next week.
  • Concrete footpath will be poured progressively through to Beaurepaires.

From Beaurepaires to Elizabeth Street

  • The footpath and roadway outside Aspire is being excavated and prepared for kerb and channelling. 
  • Once traffic is diverted over new asphalt, work will start on installing the large environmental filter manhole outside Palazzo Kitchens. This will take about a week.

West side from Gengys to Elizabeth Street

  • Cement treated base metal was laid under the new west side roadway after weather delays last week.
  • Cobblestones between the footpath and the buildings have been laid and the driveway connections have been surfaced.
  • The last of the kerb and channel has been laid outside the Rock Shop in preparation for cobblestone paving.
  • Many plastic barriers have been removed now which gives the west side a more open look. 
  • Asphalt surfacing to be laid over the road base is planned for early next week.
  • Traffic will be then be diverted over the pavement through to Elizabeth Street. 

Durham Street - Foundation Work for Seating Durham Street - Barriers Removed from West Side
Photos: (Left) Foundation work for seating. (Right) Barriers removed from west side.

Durham Lane

Drainage work at Spring Street end of lane has been installed and the access way metal base prepared for asphalt.

The area outside Craigs underground carpark is planned to be excavated and prepared for surfacing next weekend.

Posted: Jul 12, 2019,


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