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Whakahou Taketake Vital Update – Tauranga

Event date: 11/11/2019 10:00 a.m. - 14/02/2020 10:00 a.m. Export event

Thanks for having your say, the survey has now closed

Thank you for taking part in Vital Update - Tauranga, a research project on behalf of Acorn Foundation, TECT, BayTrust and Tauranga City Council.

We received over 5,200 responses to the survey. Key Research is now busy analysing the results. We hope to have them ready to share with you in June.

Key Research has now contacted all the lucky prize winners. Congratulations to those of you who won one of 14 great prizes.

Whakahou Taketake Vital update - Tauranga

Knowing our community to inform our future

Kia hiwa rā! Kia hiwa rā! Kia hiwa rā i tēnei tuku!
Kia hiwa rā i tērā tuku! Kia hiwa rā! Kia hiwa rā!
E wehi ana ki te Atua
Te timatanga me te otinga o ngā mea katoa
Tēnei tonu te tangi apakura ki ngā mate,
Haere i te ara takimano,
Haere i te ara ka rere kore ki muri
E moe e!  Haere atu ra!
Nau mai piki mai kia koutou te hunga ora
Nau mai hara mai ki Te Pou taketake e karanga nei
Tena koutou tena kouto tena koutou katoa!

‘Vital Update – Tauranga’ is a research project that looks at the geographic communities in Tauranga: who makes them up, and what their needs, wants and aspirations are for their neighbourhoods and the wider city. 

Acorn Foundation, TECT, BayTrust and Tauranga City Council are teaming up to carry out this research, so we can all create a better future for residents. The information will help us plan future work in our communities and create a vision for Tauranga’s tomorrow. 

The survey is being conducted by independent research company Key Research. They will protect your privacy by ensuring your identity is not disclosed. 

Tell us what matters most to you by 5pm on Friday, 14 February 2020

Take the survey

Your chance to win

If you complete the survey, you can choose to go into a draw to win one of 14 prizes:

  • 1 x $500 Prezzy card
  • 10 x $100 Prezzy cards 
  • 1 x UE boom speaker
  • 1 x dinner for two at Macau
  • 1 x $100 Pak’n’Save voucher

Every voice counts. Together, let’s shape the future of Tauranga.

How do I have my say?

Go to Vital Update to complete the survey – it will take you about 15-20 minutes. 

You may be approached directly if you fall into one of our priority target groups and asked to complete the survey. We are also sending out paper copies to a random selection of people on the electoral roll. 

If you or someone you know doesn’t have access to a computer, you can request a paper copy of the survey by calling Key Research on 0800 501 015 or sending an email to info@keyresearch.co.nz with your name and postal address. Key Research will mail a paper copy to you to fill in, and then return it using the prepaid postage on the back page.

Take the survey

Acorn FoundationTectTauranga City Council

‘Vital Update – Tauranga’ is related to the ‘Vital Signs’ research project, which is run by the Acorn Foundation. Vital Signs is a community check-up conducted by foundations around the world that measures the vitality of our communities and identifies significant trends in a range of areas critical to quality of life. Vital Signs is coordinated internationally by Community Foundations of Canada. Following on from Acorn’s first Vital Signs report in 2015, the 2018 project was expanded to cover the wider Bay of Plenty region, with separate reports prepared for all the regions. 

‘Vital Update – Tauranga’ is an interim research project between the last full Vital Signs research in 2018 and the next which is planned for 2021. Vital Update – Tauranga is also focussed on the city of Tauranga instead of the whole region, to allow us to dive deeper into understanding the needs of our city’s community.  

More information on Vital Signs

These four organisations have huge stakes in the area. Serving the community is at the heart of what we do, and our actions and decisions have an impact on all the people of Tauranga. We are all committed to improving the wellbeing of our community, so it makes sense to team up.

Working together will allow our survey to reach more people, a more diverse range of respondents, and encourage a variety of different conversations. It enables us to draw on each organisation’s expertise in driving community research. 

Having shared data to work from will help us increase our impact as we’ll all be singing from the same song sheet. This will be a strong basis for a more coordinated approach across our organisations to formulate and deliver great community outcomes. 

Our city is growing fast and will continue to grow into the future. In the past 30 years, Tauranga’s population has grown by more than 70,000 people. Currently 135,000 people call Tauranga home. Our city is projected to grow to almost 200,000 people by 2063.  We have a challenge ahead of us to keep up with this rapid growth. 

Our community is changing in other ways as well: we are getting older, more ethnically diverse, and our families are getting smaller. Parts of our community experience high levels of deprivation and we have the second highest rates of disability in New Zealand. 

As the city grows and changes, we want to improve the lives of everyone in our community and ensure that no one is left behind. 

To do so we need to identify which geographical areas and demographic communities need help the most and for what reasons. That way we can provide the support, that is both needed and wanted, and provide resource where we can best make a difference. Localised data, including feedback from the communities that we rarely hear from, will help us make better funding decisions. 

We also want to build a city that reflects the aspirations of the people that live, learn, work and play here. In 2020 Tauranga City Council will be working with the community to develop a long-term vision for their city. The ‘Vital Update - Tauranga’ research outcomes will feed into this process. The vision work will then be the basis for council’s long-term planning process in 2021 – where they will agree with the community what projects council will lead and fund over the next 10 years, and how.  

As well as surveying the general population, ‘Vital Update – Tauranga’ will focus on gathering information from a few specific groups:

  • People experiencing housing issues/homelessness
  • People with a disability
  • Young people
  • Older people 
  • Ethnic communities
  • Māori

We are specifically targeting these groups as part of the research, because we often don’t hear the views of these community members. Without this feedback we cannot plan for a future that reflects the needs and aspirations of our whole community.

The more people who take part in the research, the more accurate we will be in understanding who makes up our community, and what our people’s needs and wants are. What do you want for your future, the future of your neighbourhood, the future of your city? 

Have your say so we know what matters most to you and your family. Every voice counts, and we will be listening.  

If you belong to one of the priority groups or know anyone who does, talk to them about ‘Vital Update – Tauranga’, and contact one of our partners to find out about the ways to participate. Now is the time to be a part of informing the future of Tauranga. 

The survey will be open for eight weeks, from Monday 11 November 2019 until Friday, 14 February 2020.

Making a difference. Taking an active part in shaping the future of our city. And the chance to win some awesome prizes!

We acknowledge that we are asking for 15-20 minutes of your time, and as a way of expressing our thanks there are 14 prizes up for grabs:

  • 1 x $500 Prezzy card
  • 1 x Dinner for Two at Macau
  • 1 x UE Boom Speaker
  • 1 x $100 Pak’n’Save voucher
  • 10 x $100 Prezzy cards

Key Research will draw the winners once the survey is closed and will contact the lucky winners early February 2020.

Independent local company Key Research is conducting the survey and will analyse the data and prepare the report that will be used by the partner organisations to guide their decision-making around projects and grants. 

Using Key Research as a third party will guarantee your privacy. No contact or identifiable information is required for you to undertake the survey. The only time you will be asked to provide your name and contact number is for the prize draw. This is optional, and the prize draw will be done by Key Research as well. Your contact details will not be linked to your survey responses and will not be passed on to any of the organisations sponsoring this research. Once the prize draw is completed, Key Research will delete your name and contact details from the database.

Of course. Once they’re ready the results will be made available on the partner organisations’ websites. In addition a series of community feedback sessions and workshops will be organised later in 2020 to ensure you have a chance to hear the results and explore some of the topic areas on a deeper level.

As long-term planning commences and priority areas are identified, further engagement with the community will take place so that you can further add your feedback as we go. We want to plan the future of Tauranga together.

This is only ‘Phase 1’ of a long-term plan to make Tauranga a better place to live. 

In early 2020 we’ll commence ‘Phase 2’ – a series of topic-based workshops based on the proposed priority areas. That will enable us to explore those areas in more detail and revise the outcomes if needed. We’ll then use that insight to feed into our long-term planning for Tauranga.

‘Vital Update – Tauranga’ is not a one off or a ‘make and forget’. All the partner organisations are planning on actively using the results of the research, and have a desire to continue with this type of research every few years.

Any questions?

Contact Key Research on 0800 501 015 or send an email to info@keyresearch.co.nz 

Posted: Nov 7, 2019,
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