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Pedestrian crossings with a difference

Pedestrians and cyclists in Arataki will be able to use Tauranga’s first shared crossings from Monday 3 February.

The new crossings are at the intersections of Links Avenue, Concord Avenue and Farm Street. 

Each of the four new shared crossings includes a green painted section that people can ride across without needing to get off their bikes. People in vehicles must give way to anyone who is riding across these shared facilities, just as they would give way to people on the standard zebra crossings. 

Tauranga City Council’s Manager of Network Safety and Sustainability, Martin Parkes, says people will see more of the new crossings in future. “Another two shared crossings will go in along Ngatai Road as part of safety upgrades underway in that area. It shows the council is serious about making it safer and easier for more people to get around the city.”

The council’s Travel Safe team will be onsite during the first week to help people get used to the new layout.

Martin says, “It’s a change for Tauranga but we expect people will get used to them fairly quickly. If you’re driving, you should approach this crossing as you would a normal pedestrian crossing and give way to anyone using it. For cyclists, you don’t need to get off your bike to cross the road, although you still need to stop and check both ways.”

The shared crossings in Arataki are part of a safety upgrade at the staggered intersections of Links Avenue, Concord Avenue and Farm Street. The safety improvement work has included widening existing pathways and building two small roundabouts that are low to the ground so that buses can drive over them when turning.

Martin says, “We’re getting these important safety improvements finished in time for the start of the new school year. This project has been much anticipated by the community as it’s a very busy area and we want to make it as easy as possible for people to choose to walk and bike with confidence.”

Example of a shared crossing
Image: example of shared crossing (Christchurch)


Posted: Jan 30, 2020,
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