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Tauranga has a sprinkler and irrigation system ban in place 


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Shape your city, your neighbourhood, your home

How do you want to shape your city and your neighbourhoods to support growth? Council is asking for the community’s feedback on ideas to support growth in the Te Papa peninsula, and proposed changes to the city plan to enable more housing choice across the city. People can provide feedback from home at www.tauranga.govt.nz/shapeyourcity anytime between now and 19 May 2020.

Tauranga City Council is working on a blueprint for growth within the area from Greerton through the city centre to the harbour bridge, called the Te Papa peninsula. This blueprint, the Te Papa Plan, aims to provide a 30-year plan for greater housing choice, safe and efficient transport options, local amenities and infrastructure needed to support healthy and connected neighbourhoods and communities. 

In parallel, to allow Tauranga to grow up as well as out, Tauranga’s planning rules need to enable more housing choice. So council is working on proposed changes to the city plan to make it easier for people to build – if they want to – duplexes and townhouses/terraced housing in suburban areas across the city, and apartments in more central areas like Te Papa. 

Tauranga is New Zealand’s fifth largest city and is continuing to grow and change at pace. Housing is currently falling short of demand, community and infrastructure requirements are growing and without action, these challenges are predicted to continue.  

This growth requires coordinated management to ensure the gradual change that comes with it delivers positive outcomes for today’s and tomorrow’s generations. 

Mayor Tenby Powell is calling the community to participate in the conversation. 

“We know growth planning is probably not top of people’s agendas right now as we find our way through COVID-19, and we don’t yet know what normal will look like beyond the lockdown”, said Tenby.  

“But we think it’s important to keep working on our city building and city planning projects, even if the short-term future is uncertain.” 

“And to do this, we need our community’s feedback on the direction we’re proposing.”

“Please share your thoughts with us when you feel you have the time and headspace for it, and ask the people in your bubble to contribute to this important kaupapa too.”

Share your views to shape your city

Council is asking for the community’s thoughts on proposed ideas and priorities for the Te Papa Plan, and on the draft city plan rules and urban design guidelines for duplexes, townhouses and apartments in different zones. 

Help shape the future of your city, your neighbourhood and your home – read up on ideas and proposals and take the survey by Tuesday, 19 May – there are some prizes up for grabs too. People can either take the full survey or pick and choose the topics they’re most interested in.

Share your views at www.tauranga.govt.nz/shapeyourcity 

Council would usually provide various face-to-face engagement opportunities and printed material for this project. Due to the current COVID-19 Level 4 lockdown, all relevant information is available online, with a survey and a form to ask questions online. People can also call 07 577 7000 with any questions. 

Ideas to shape the future of Te Papa

Council is working towards developing the Te Papa Plan – a coordinated and integrated approach over a 30-year timeframe that will assist in more efficient use of resources, including infrastructure, the way we move around, and how we live in the Te Papa peninsula.

Community feedback to date helped council shape the plan, develop a series of outcomes for Te Papa and identify the benefits expected as a result of growth. These outcomes describe what the community want the Te Papa peninsula to be like in the future: a place that is unique, liveable, connected and healthy. They provide guidance that allows us to work together towards achieving those potential benefits that growth can provide to the Te Papa community if it is well-planned and supported by appropriate and timely investment.

Council is proposing a set of ideas (potential projects and other initiatives) to support these outcomes. These ideas and those that the community adds, will help council shape the Te Papa Plan, and help determine what council invests in and when.

More on the Te Papa project at www.tauranga.govt.nz/tepapa 

Changing the city plan to enable more housing choice 

Right now, the rules in place for residential land in the Tauranga City Plan make it hard for people to build more compact types of homes like duplexes and apartments. This means as a city we're not using land as effectively as possible to accommodate our growth, and that people don’t have much choice in the type and size of homes they can live in.

Council is proposing to make changes to the city plan rules to make it easier for people to build duplexes, townhouses and apartments where it makes sense to, to better suit their needs. The rules also aim to ensure new builds both look good and that they create great neighbourhoods. They address topics such as building height, setbacks, outdoor open space, fences and walls, streetscape etc. 

In parallel council is proposing to introduce assessment criteria for townhouses and apartments to support better urban design, and to provide more direction for residential development in the commercial zone.

Change in the city through this plan change would not happen all at once. It would happen over time, as people decide to redevelop their sections in existing urban areas.

More on the Housing Choice plan change at www.tauranga.govt.nz/housing-choice 

You can download the images in high resolution here.
Credit: Tauranga City Council

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Posted: Apr 7, 2020,

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