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Feedback for ‘Innovating Streets at The Mount’ closes this Sunday

Feedback for ‘Innovating Streets at The Mount’ closes this Sunday

Tauranga City Council is encouraging the public to share their thoughts on temporary changes to street layouts in The Mount. Together with a Community Design Group, council has developed several options that could be tested on highly used routes in the north area of Mount Maunganui. The main aim of the project is to create ‘Streets for people’ by making the streets safer and more enjoyable for people of all ages and abilities, whether they travel on foot, in a car, on a bike or on any other wheeled devices. 

What will happen next?
Once the feedback from this second round of public engagement has been analysed, a fourth workshop with the Community Design Group will be held to help determine which trial designs to recommend to the acting mayor and councillors in February 2021. 

Why make Mount streets safer and more enjoyable?
A population growth of 43% is expected in Tauranga between 2018-2048 and the popularity of The Mount as a destination is ever-increasing. That is why we need to explore new ways of doing things to accommodate more people and to make the area more attractive for all users including those on foot, bikes and other modes of transport. This would not only prevent more congestion and air pollution but is also good for our health and the environment.

Posted: Nov 23, 2020,


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