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Swap your showerhead and save water

People in 150 Tauranga households will have even more reason to sing in the shower due to their new water efficient showerheads.

A free showerhead exchange programme trial by Tauranga City Council will see successful applicants swap their old showerheads for a new water efficient model.

New Zealanders spend an average of eight minutes a day showering, and traditional style showerheads send between 15 and 20 litres of water per minute down the drain. Installing a water efficient showerhead not only saves lots of precious water but cuts costs on water and heating bills too.

Peter Bahrs, Tauranga City Council’s Water Services Manager says a more efficient showerhead is just one of many simple changes households can make to reduce water use. 

“We see this trial as a water saving investment for the city. It will provide important local insight on household water savings and help remove barriers to future implementation.”

“As well as installing newer showerheads, people can save water by fixing leaky taps, pipes and cisterns, turning off the tap while brushing their teeth or shaving, and simply taking shorter showers,” says Peter.

“Don’t be fooled by the recent rain, it all helps but water conservation is a year-round job. After three dry summers in a row, it would take nearly a year of rain for the groundwater in our streams to recharge to sustainable levels. We all need to play our part.”

The showerhead exchange programme is limited to the first 150 successful applicants and to take part you must own the home where the showerhead will be installed or have written approval from the owner. The house must be in Tauranga, be on mains pressure, and currently have a screw-in showerhead that uses between 12 and 20 litres of water per minute.

For full details and to apply online please visit www.tauranga.govt.nz/council/water-services/saving-water/showerhead-exchange

Posted: Jul 27, 2022,
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