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Limited review of Open Space Level of Service Policy

Feedback is welcomed on a proposed amendment to a specific section of Tauranga City Council’s Open Space Level of Service Policy, which will help determine how parks and reserves are provided in new housing development areas such as Tauriko West.

The current policy aims to provide a network of open spaces in the city, where people can access a range of high-quality parks and reserves, within different distances from their homes.

This specific section of the policy requires new greenfield developments to have a minimum quantity of neighbourhood and local area open space based on the population (1.7ha per 1,000 people), with at least half needing to be made up of neighbourhood area open space. We are proposing to remove the minimum contribution from neighbourhood area reserves, on the condition that they are still accessible within 400 metres of most homes.

oslo diagram

Tauranga City Council Community Services General Manager Barbara Dempsey says the existing quantity standard is considered impractical when preparing for new areas like Te Tumu and Tauriko West.

“Due to the unique landscapes and higher density housing objectives in these areas, implementing the current quantity standard wouldn’t result in good urban planning.

“It is still a priority in our planning that residents have access to quality open spaces that they can use for a variety of purposes. With the proposed change, residents in these areas will still have access to quality, outdoor opportunities.”

Visit www.tauranga.govt.nz/open-space-policy to have your say or pick up a submission form at any council library or customer service centre.

Consultation closes 5pm, Friday 30 September.

Posted: Sep 22, 2022,
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