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Road closures - 16 December 2022

Pāpāmoa East Interchange

Construction of a new interchange over the Tauranga Eastern Link (TEL) will see Pāpāmoa East connected to the motorway and enable further development of the area.

Earthworks will continue over the next few months to build the necessary height on the Bell Road side of the Tauranga Eastern Link (TEL), with a two-week break occurring over Christmas from next Friday, 23 December 2022 until Monday, 9 January 2023.

Traffic management will remain in place until April 2023. Both eastbound lanes are open and one of the westbound lanes remains closed with a speed limit for traffic headed towards Tauranga set to 70km/h. The outer westbound lane will remain closed over the holiday break until Monday, 9 January 2023, due to the time and cost involved in removing the concrete barrier.

Please be aware construction for the Rangiuru Business Park has started just beyond the electronic toll gates heading north. This work is unrelated, but as traffic impacts are planned in the coming months, it provides another reason to take extra care driving through the area.

We appreciate drivers' patience with these works and urge people to keep to the signposted speed limits for everyone’s safety.

There may be minor traffic delays due to these works. As this does not materially impact travel times, tolls will continue to apply.

For more information about the Pāpāmoa East Interchange and construction, visit Pāpāmoa East Interchange.

Cameron Road

There are several construction sites along Cameron Road. Please take care driving through construction zones and be kind to the Cameron Road Joint Venture construction team as they go about their work. If you need assistance, they are happy to help you find your way through the site.

Construction on Cameron Road will be taking a break over the Christmas period, with the team off site from Friday, 23 December 2022, until Monday 9 January 2023. During the festive break, temporary traffic management will be reduced or removed where possible, while ensuring the site and community are kept safe.

The team has completed the road resurfacing and installation of cycle separators, green paint and permanent signage for the new cycle lane between Elizabeth Street and Wharf Street.

The stormwater network and footpath upgrade is also taking place between First Avenue and Third Avenue on the eastern side of Cameron Road. There is a southbound left lane closure in this section.

The Second Avenue intersection is open. Access to Third Avenue from Cameron Road is closed while our team works on the corner island and kerb upgrade in this section. This work is expected to take one week and includes overnight works.

The stormwater and footpath upgrade work is underway on the western side of Cameron Road, from Second Avenue to First Avenue, and will extend to Elizabeth Street in the coming week. Temporary traffic management will be in place with a northbound left lane closure in this section.

The wastewater upgrade is complete between Third Avenue and Sixth Avenue. The wastewater connections upgrade across Cameron Road from Fifth Avenue, Arundel Street and Fourth Avenue will be completed in the new year as weekend work.

The stormwater and streetscape upgrade on the eastern side of Cameron Road continues between Eleventh Avenue and Twelfth Avenue. Vehicle traffic is reduced to one lane where work is taking place. The team has also started work on the stormwater and streetscape upgrade between Fifteenth Avenue and Sixteenth Avenue, on the eastern side of Cameron Road. Temporary traffic management includes a southbound left lane closure.

The work zone on the western side of Cameron Road has extended from Eleventh Avenue to Tenth Avenue, as work to upgrade the stormwater system continues.

Between Fourteenth Avenue and Eleventh Avenue on the western side of Cameron Road, traffic will be reduced to one lane as the team completes the stormwater and streetscape upgrade through this section.

Work is nearing completion on the mid-block crossing in the centre median outside Tauranga Boys’ College (near the Fourteenth Avenue intersection). Temporary traffic management remains in place with a southbound right lane closure.

The Thirteenth Avenue intersection (west) reopens this week, with temporary traffic management reduced to shoulder closures on each of the four corners while we complete the new kerbs and channels at the intersection.

Intersection work:

  • Twelfth Avenue: the centre median is permanently closed to through traffic. When the Thirteenth Avenue intersections reopens, the southbound right-hand turn into Twelfth Avenue (west) will close.
  • Thirteenth Avenue/ Cameron Road (west): will reopen this week. There will be shoulder closures on each corner while we complete work on the new kerb and channel.
  • Fourteenth Avenue/Cameron Road (west): is now open.

Please note, the above works are weather dependent.

Visit Building our future. Cameron Road, Te Papa for more information.

Seismic strengthening at Spring Street parking building

We are carrying out earthquake strengthening works on the Spring Street parking building. These are precautionary works to reduce the risk to users and the extent of damage that a significant earthquake could cause.
While works progress, the building will remain operational with a reduced number of parks available. Alternate parking spaces are available at the nearby Elizabeth Street parking building. Works will continue until Thursday, 22 December, and recommence in the first week of January 2023.
Please take care when driving or walking around work sites. There may be loud noise at times, as well as shaking, dust and minor delays associated with the traffic management in place – apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. We recommend people keep their car windows up when in the parking building.

For more information visit Seismic strengthening at our parking buildings.

Partial reopening of Links Avenue before Christmas

Work has begun to partially reopen the cu-de-sac end of Links Avenue next week.

All but one of the eight speed tables have been installed and works on signage installation (electronic speed indication signs), speed limit road markings and time-based flashing signs are underway.

The only potential issue that may cause a delay to the planned re-opening is the weather. If signage installation cannot be completed due to wet weather, then the road will not be able to be re-opened in time for Christmas (all signs need to be concreted securely in place to meet safety requirements).

The partial reopening is the result of the Links Avenue Community Panel’s hard work over the past five months, and includes

  • restricting access between 7am-10am and 2pm-6pm Monday to Sunday
  • maintaining a 30kmph speed limit
  • installing temporary speed tables until pedestrian crossings can be installed
  • installing new improved signage and road markings.

Once the above aspects of Phase One are in place, a period of monitoring and data collection will take place for several months after the Christmas and New Year holidays, to see how this part of Phase One is tracking. The result of the monitoring will help inform the next phases of the Panel’s proposal, and the Panel and Council will continue to work together on next steps.

Visit Links Avenue cul-de-sac trial for more information.

To view the panel’s three-phase proposal visit Links Avenue Community Panel.

Maunganui Road Safety Improvements

Speed on Maunganui Road has been a long-standing concern and includes the safety of cyclists and pedestrians. This safety improvement work is aimed at creating a calmer, more predictable environment, significantly improving safety for everyone who travels through the area.

The new road layout includes measures such as physical separation of lanes and roundabouts - encouraging drivers to lower their speed naturally - as well as improved pedestrian and cycling infrastructure, additional greenery, and upgrades to storm water drainage.

The construction team have made great progress in the past couple of weeks. The roundabouts at Matai Street and Sutherland Avenue are operational, all median islands have been constructed, temporary roundabout marking at Hinau Street was implemented and now the team will tidy up unfinished jobs on kerbs and paths.

Over the coming week, work on Maunganui Road will be wrapped up. The road will be left in safe and good order to ensure the busy summer season in the area isn't interfered with. This, however, means some elements of work will need to be pushed out until next year.

Plants and trees will provide a much greener look for the new layout on Maunganui Road. Newly planted greenery require a lot of care and water over summer, which is also when we need to be most mindful of our water use. For this reason, the team will hold off planting seedlings until the weather is more suitable.

Work planned for 2023

Unfortunately, the team have not been able to conclude all work before Christmas due to delays incurred on the project. This means work will continue at a number of locations on Maunganui Road after summer.

Between Hinau Street to Sutherland Avenue

Work scheduled for March/April next year includes:

  • A permanent roundabout at the Hinau Street intersection
  • Kerbing in the inner ring at Matai Street and Sutherland Avenue roundabouts
  • Lighting on the median between Matai and Hinau Streets, and removal of the redundant lights
  • Planting of trees and greenery
  • Miro Street kerbs and corner
  • Adding concrete to sections of the shared path where a temporary fill was used

Between Golf Road to Tui Street

Outstanding work in this section to complete next year includes:

  • Outstanding kerbs, cycleways and a small traffic isle on the railway side of the road
  • A third median island near the Golf Road roundabout
  • Some outstanding details then complete the resurfacing of the road
  • Connections between shared paths

Tui Street to Hull Road

  • The team are currently drafting plans for this section of Maunganui Road. Business owners and the local community will be contacted for feedback in the new year, as the draft plans are developed.

Proposed safety improvements for this section of Maunganui Road include improved intersections, median islands and cycling facilities, as well as upgrades of drainage, lighting and landscaping. Planned safety improvements will also help ensure safe access to the destination skatepark planned for the corner of Hull Road and Maunganui Road.

For now, the team would like to thank you for your patience with this work and wish you a wonderful Christmas and a very happy start to 2023.

Pacific Park Playground Upgrade

We’re upgrading Pacific Park on Matavai Street, Mount Maunganui, with a new playground and improvements to park access and features including new paths, a drinking fountain and seating.

Portions of the park are temporarily closed during the works, which is scheduled to be complete next week, weather dependent.

For more information visit our webpage - Pacific Park upgrade.

Totara Street Safety Upgrade

We’re working on a safer option for people who travel along Totara Street.

Signalised crossings

As part of these works to improve safety along Totara Street, signalised crossings have been installed at the slip lane intersection of State Highway 2/Hewletts Road and Totara Street, as well as at Waimarie Street, Triton Avenue, Hull Road, and Kawaka Street.

People driving are urged to take a bit of extra care when travelling through the intersection. Due to the busy nature of this site, there may be some initial delays as people get used to the new light signals.

The lights will become operational over the next few weeks and the community's patience is appreciated as these works unfold.

Article information.

Hewletts Road and Totara Street intersection

  • Night works to construct a new crossing at the Hewletts Road/Totara Street intersection continue. Two-way traffic will be maintained with some intermittent lane diversions in place as work moves across the road in sections. The slip lane to Totara Street will be closed from 8pm - 6am during works. The left turn from Hewletts Road onto Totara Street will be possible at the Hewletts Road/Totara Street traffic lights. Works are expected to be complete mid-December.

Rata Street and Nikau Crescent (off Rata Street)

  • Work on footpath reconstruction and speed bump installation continues
  • Rata Street, from Totara Street to Nikau Crescent, is now open with shoulder closures in place
  • Access is maintained for businesses, residents and pedestrians
  • Some works in this area have been deferred until early 2023.

Totara Street

  • Final works are being completed throughout the site which may require detours/lane closures at times. Signage and traffic management will be in place.

For more information visit Totara Street safety upgrade.

Please note: this work is weather dependent.

Traffic report

City centre

  • Fifteenth Avenue and Turret Road from Burrows Street: resurfacing works, to and including Turret Road Bridge, are now complete. One night of minor remedial work remains which will be carried out this month.

Beyond the city centre

Windsor Road/ Princess Road pedestrian crossing upgrade:

construction of a new raised crossing between Bellevue Superette and Ōtūmoetai College at Windsor Road/Princess Road, will start during the school holidays on Monday, 9 January 2023. These works are expected to take around four weeks.

During this time, a single lane closure will be required with stop/go signage in place. Temporary loss of carpark space outside businesses and some noise due to the use of heavy machinery will be expected.

Several other improvements will be made around this intersection:

  • Traffic calming measures with a 25km/h speed on both sides of the raised crossing
  • New bike racks near the shops
  • Repositioning of existing seating near the shops
  • Additional road safety markings
  • Removal of metal barriers from the footpath that currently hinder mobility access.
  • One existing carpark will be removed to build the raised crossing and a motorcycle carpark.

Windermere Drive Reconstruction:

Fulton Hogan are carrying out roundabout and pedestrian crossing improvements, pavement reconstruction and resurfacing works on Windermere Drive, between the Toi Ohomai Institute entrance and Lagoon Place roundabouts. Temporary traffic management is in place with one lane closed and stop/go and temporary traffic signals directing traffic. Work is expected to be completed by early February 2023. Motorists should expect delays.

SH36 Northbound Lane, Pyes Pa:

Crews continue working on the side of the highway and temporary speed limits will remain in place at times over the coming weeks.

Castlewold Drive Wastewater Renewal:

The walking track from the Saint Andrews Drive playground to Belvedere Reserve remains closed while work to replace the wastewater pipe continues. Hours of work are Monday to Friday, between 7:30am and 4:30pm. Traffic management is in place to divert pedestrians to the alternative walking access and to indicate the construction site access.

Progress has been delayed due to wet weather. The work area, including the walking track from the Saint Andrews Drive playground to Belvedere Reserve, will be shut down and isolated over the Christmas holiday. The contractor will recommence work on Monday, 9 January 2023, with completion expected by the end of January 2023.

Kaitemako Road:

Preseal repair works from Ashton Way to just beyond Shady Lane have wrapped up ahead of the summer holidays. This will recommence in the new year.

Te Puke Highway - Lane Diversion required:

Resealing work along Te Puke Highway, between Bell Road and Welcome Bay Road has been completed. While lane closures have been lifted, speed restrictions remain in place until line marking has been completed.

Mount Maunganui

  • Links Avenue: the construction of additional speed humps is complete. Works on additional signage and signage changes are underway and expected to be completed by Monday, 19 December.
  • Marine Parade:

    to make it easier and safer for people to cross Marine Parade, a raised pedestrian crossing is being installed at Te Ngaio Reserve. This replaces the existing refuge crossing point.

    Works to install the raised pedestrian crossing are underway and will wrap up before Christmas. These will recommence in the new year, along with street light upgrades and installation which are programmed for completion mid-April.

    Traffic flows on Marine Parade are not expected to be significantly affected during these works. Traffic management will be in place which will safely guide pedestrians and road users through the site. This will include reduced speeds and lane reductions. A lane closure with stop/go activities is also in place along with a minor diversion as some of the concreting and asphalt works take place, although this will only be for short periods over the course of a few days. Varying levels of construction noise are expected during these works.


  • The Boulevard raised pedestrian crossings: work on the raised pedestrian crossing on The Boulevard, near Suzanne Aubert Catholic School, is now complete. A road shoulder closure remains in place until minor works are complete.
  • Opal Drive to Beachwater Drive: construction of a wastewater pipeline continues in the Wairākei Reserve. The walkway behind Fashion Island remains closed. The track closure between Domain Road and Opal Drive has an alternative route available on the other side of the stream until works are completed. Access from Opal Drive to Te Akau Ki school will remain open for the duration of the works. Traffic management remains in place. The Domain Road to Opal Drive section is expected to be complete by the end of December 2022, with the remainder completed in late February 2023.

Watermain Upgrade

Watermain upgrades are taking place in the following areas.

City Centre

  • Dive Crescent: site temporarily reinstated and available for use during the Christmas close. Work will recommence following the close, for expected completion January-February 2023.

Gate Pa

  • Bongard Street, Wylie Street, Bush Street, Jones Street, Scott Street: site temporarily reinstated and available for use during the Christmas close. Work will recommence following the close, for expected completion January-February 2023.

Mount Maunganui

The following works are expected to be completed this week:

  • Pacific Avenue from Maunganui Road to Marine Parade
  • Rita Street and Banks Avenue
  • Waitui Grove and Justine Way
  • MacDonald Street
  • Epsom Road, Links Avenue and Spur Avenue

There may be minor delays with traffic management in place and construction noise expected Monday to Friday, between 7am and 4.30pm.

For more information check out our Weekly bulletin newsletter.

Posted: Dec 19, 2022,
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