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Check before crossing as cycleway takes shape on Cameron Road

Shared path
The new shared use path and two-way cycleway on Cameron Road near Ninth Avenue

As construction of Cameron Road’s new two-way cycleway progresses, drivers are being reminded they must give way to people riding on the cycleway.

One of the key objectives of the Building our future – Cameron Road, Te Papa project is to make it safer for all users, no matter how they are moving.

Road users are being asked to take extra care and be aware of one another as everyone adjusts to the new road layout.

Tauranga City Council Director of Transport, Brendan Bisley, says drivers need to be prepared to look both left and right for people cycling and scootering at intersections and driveways along Cameron Road.

“If you're driving on Cameron Road, and you’re turning into or out of a side road always check before turning, as you must give way to anyone using the two-way cycleway.

“Our habit, as drivers, is to always check right, where traffic is usually coming from. But we also need to ensure we always check left, especially with multiple modes of transport including ebikes and scooters which can move quicker than traditional bikes. They all have the right of way.

“The same goes for driveways. If you’re driving into or out of a driveway, remember to look both ways as you must give way to anyone using the two-way cycleway or the shared footpath.”

John's photo pharmacy
Signage on Cameron Road near Second Avenue stating drivers must give way to cyclists when turning.

During construction there may be temporary changes to the road layout and some areas will look and work differently. Drivers are reminded to be vigilant and adhere to the signs and speed limits in place. These temporary signs and road layouts can change as work begins or is completed. Keeping a safe following distance will also help in case there is a need to stop suddenly.

Council’s Travel Safe Team Leader, Sonia Lynds, says while drivers must give way to cyclists, cyclists need to cross roads with care and ensure they can see and be seen.

“Cyclists need to watch for other road and path users and make themselves visible by wearing brightly coloured clothing, turning on lights at night, and adding some reflective material. Make eye contact with drivers when possible and check over your shoulder before making any turns. Use your hand signals to clearly indicate your intentions.”

People using the two-way cycleway and shared paths should keep to the left and pass other users with care on the right. Use a bell or voice to let other users know you’re approaching.

“Continually scan for other road users such as bikes slowing in front of you, people getting off buses or crossing the paths, and vehicles turning in or out of driveways and driving across intersections. Listen to your surroundings,” says Sonia.

Vehicles driving, parking or stopping on a footpath, shared path or two-way cycleway (unless crossing over the cycleway from a side road) is prohibited.

The two-way cycleway will help to improve safety by separating vehicles from people on bikes and scooters. Other ways the project is helping to improve safety is the addition of new pedestrian crossings, improving footpaths and adding more lighting, improving intersections, and restricting or closing off some side roads to reduce the number of conflicts between vehicles and cyclists and minimise dangerous intersection manoeuvres across multiple lanes.

Stage 1 of the Building our future - Cameron Road, Te Papa project - Harington Street to 17th Avenue - is on track to be completed at the end of 2023.

For more information visit www.tauranga.govt.nz/cameronroad and download the ‘Staying safe using Cameron Road’ flyer.

Posted: Jul 24, 2023,


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