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Chief Executive appointment announced

Tauranga City Council Commission Chair, Anne Tolley, has announced the reappointment of Chief Executive, Marty Grenfell, for a period of five years, effective as from today (Monday, 4 September).

“In June, the Commission decided to advertise the Chief Executive role, rather than extend the encumbent’s contract by two years, as provided for by legislation. That reflected our desire to provide greater certainty and continuity of executive leadership for the organisation, the community and next year’s incoming elected council,” she says.

“That will mean that the new council will not have to start an appointment process within nine months of being elected, ensuring that they have the time required to come to grips with their governance role and the council’s significant work programme.”

Anne says the Commission undertook a full employment process and while the calibre of the applicants was impressive, it did serve to: “highlight Mr. Grenfell’s strengths and the outstanding contribution he has made to the organisation and community”.

“Council’s executive team and staff can now focus their efforts on our existing and forthcoming long-term plans and delivering the unprecedented level of investment required to ensure our city remains a great place to live, work, learn and play.”

Posted: Sep 4, 2023,
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