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Latest news

Find your property in our rates database

Posted: 19 May 2020

Did you know you can search our website for your property's valuation and rating details? Our rating information database is open for inspection.

Council to consult on lower rates rise for annual plan

Posted: 24 March 2020

Tauranga City Council has decided to cut a proposed average rates rise for 2020/21 in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Council rates set for 2019/20

Posted: 27 June 2019

At a meeting today, Tauranga City Council’s Elected Members voted to adopt the Annual Plan 2019/20, which sets the council’s budget and work plans for the coming year.

Tauranga rates rise confirmed at 3.9 per cent

Posted: 23 May 2019

Tauranga City Council’s Elected Members have voted to set the next average residential rates increase at 3.9 per cent.

Last chance to have your say on rates

Posted: 18 April 2019

Do you want to have your say on rates? You have until 5pm on Tuesday to do so, as this is when consultation closes for Tauranga City Council’s Annual Plan 2019/20.

Citywide revaluation – 10 days left to make an objection to your new rating valuation

Posted: 15 January 2019

Every three years councils must revalue all properties in their localities for rating purposes. Tauranga homeowners received their new valuation notices early December 2018. 

Last chance to apply for a rebate on your 2017/18 rates

Posted: 14 June 2018

It’s nearly the end of the 2017/18 rating year. Have you applied for a rates rebate yet?

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