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Resources for kids

We have a range of educational programmes and resources available for kids of all ages from early childhood right through to tertiary students.

Early childhood water awareness

This programme shows 3 and 4 year olds how to make good choices around the use of water. It also encourages early childhood centres to adopt sustainable policies for water usage.

The programme includes:

  • a presentation to staff about our drinking water, stormwater and wastewater
  • a visit from the Waterline team with the interactive water model to teach the children in a playful, fun manner about the Water Cycle and the story of the ‘three waters’
  • a resource book with suggested water related activities
  • an audit of the centre’s water consumption
  • information for parents.

Dolphins on drains

This programme is for 5 to 12 year-olds and reinforces the ‘drain is just for rain’ message. Our staff will visit your kindergarten or school and take students out to explain where rain goes.

Drinking water supply programme

This half-day programme, for students’ year 5 and up, focuses on where our drinking water comes from. It looks at how native forests preserve the quality of our drinking water and how different activities can affect water quality.  

The programme can be adapted for different ages and can also include a site visit to the water processing plant to show where water comes from and how it’s processed before it come out of the tap.

Great drain game

This interactive learning tool educates 5 to 12 year-olds about the correct disposal of liquid waste, such as old paint, oil and chemicals, in order to protect our stormwater system. The resource is used in schools and at community events.

Great waste race 

This shows how different waste products should be disposed of. The interactive game sees two teams compete to dispose of items in the correct place the fastest. It’s used at Council events, sustainability expos and kindergartens. For more information or to book contact Jess Allpress.

Happy fish game

This interactive game teaches 5 to 12 year-olds about waste disposal and reinforces the ‘drain is just for rain’ message. Children throw balls representing different waste products at target holes after choosing the best target to aim for. It’s used at expos, conferences and can be class room activity.

Waterline school programme

This programme is available to all Tauranga primary and intermediate schools. Our educator spends an hour a day, for a week, providing an interactive learning experience where students develop an understanding of why we need to conserve water and how our wastewater and stormwater systems work. A tour of the wastewater treatment plant can also be arranged.

Last Reviewed: 21/12/2018

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