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Whakamahinga wai, inehanga me ngā rēti

Water use, meter and rates

You can use the water meter to work out how much water you are using and to check whether there is a water leak on your property.

Water usage

It is easy to find out how much water you are using. Once a month take the reading and write it down, then take another reading the next month. Subtract the first month’s reading from the second month and that is your usage.

How to read your meter

Water meters are usually located in a box in the ground on or near your front boundary. They are normally in a straight line between the road and your outside hose tap. 

The black numbers on the white background on your water meter, count in cubic metres.  This is the reading that your water invoice will be based on. The digits showing in red are not recorded. The little disc in the middle of your water meter spins around whenever water is flowing through the meter.  It can be useful for detecting leaks. If it spins when all the taps are off, you may have a leak.

For example the image below reads 00000.023 cubic metres.

Water meter example

How are water rates charges calculated?

All water used is charged for at a volumetric rate per cubic metre (1000 litres) including GST. There is also a base charge for all standard domestic customers. Non-standard and non-domestic connections are charged a base rate depending on the size of the service line.

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