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Maunganui Road safety improvements

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We’re making Maunganui Road safer and more attractive.

Maunganui Road is a local road and we’re aiming to create a calmer, safer environment for everyone who travels through the area. We will design traffic lanes and roundabouts in a way that encourages people who are driving to naturally reduce their speed.

This work started in 2017 with improvements between Tawa Street and Sutherland Avenue and a wide shared path along Blake Park was constructed in 2019. In early 2022 we'll continue with similar improvements between Golf Road and Tui Street. The projects include traffic calming, safer biking facilities, pedestrian crossing points, new roundabouts and more greenery in centre strips along the road.

It's all proposed to be constructed by 2024, depending on the location. Read on to find out what’s happening where.

Golf Road to Tui Street

Due for completion October 2022

Includes a new two-way separated cycleway and a solid grassed median strip. Hundreds of students use this area every day to get to school. Providing physically separated cycleways with easy access to the schools is an important part of improving safety for everyone who travels through this area.

Other work includes:

  • solid grassed median strip with trees/plantings
  • two-way physically separated cycleway on the beach side of the road
  • connection into the proposed cycleway on Golf Road
  • new round-about at Tui Street
  • on-road bike lane on the railway side of the road

This proposal provides the option to add in a bus lane in the future.

With the Tui Street roundabout all but complete, kerb, drainage and path upgrades are continuing between Mount College and Golf Road.

Golf Road pedestrian crossing

As part of our work to create a safer corridor for pedestrians, particularly school children to walk or cycle to and from school, we are constructing a new signalised pedestrian crossing on Golf Road. This will provide the connection between the wider shared paths on Links Avenue and Maunganui Road, allowing everyone to cross Golf Road safely to get to where they're going.

Golf Road to Tui Street - Detailed design (1mb pdf)

Hinau Street to Sutherland Avenue

Due for completion December 2022

Work includes:

  • solid grassed median strip with trees/plantings
  • improved cycling facilities and connections to existing cycleways
  • new roundabouts at Hinau Street, Matai Street and Sutherland Avenue
  • improved pedestrian crossing points.
  • New kerbs and improved stormwater drainage

This work is planned to take place over winter, to avoid construction work in the busy summer season for local businesses.

In August, construction of the roundabouts at Sutherland Avenue, Hinau and Matai Street will start. To keep road users and construction staff safe, this work will require a lane closure on Maunganui Road for south bound traffic with detour routes to be sign posted.

Hinau Street to Sutherland Avenue consultation plans - part 1 (5.8mb pdf)

Tui Street to Hull Road

Proposed for 2023/2024.

Includes a new two-way separated cycleway starting on the beach side of the road (Bayfair end) and finishing on the railway side of the road (Mount end) with a signalised crossing at Dee Street; new signalised intersection at Tweed Street; improved pedestrian crossings and improved connections for the Hull Road intersection signals.

Hull Road to Hinau Street

Work now complete

Includes increased parking spaces, two new roundabouts, a 3m shared pathway, and improved connections to other cycle paths.

  • formalised car parking, change some to angle parking and provide more than 160 additional parking spaces at Blake Park and the Mount Action Centre
  • 3m wide shared footpath/cycleway adjacent Blake Park
  • new Blake Park/Bay Oval entrance and footpath link.
  • new roundabouts at Clyde Street and Tay Street
  • solid grassed median strip with trees/plantings
  • improved pedestrian crossing points
  • road resurfacing with asphaltic concrete
  • new streetlighting
  • new roadmarkings

Hull Road to Hinau Street - Detailed design (1mb pdf)


  • Tawa Street to Sutherland Avenue

  • Hull Road to Hinau Street

    March 2019 to June 2021
  • Golf Road to Tui Street

    Due for completion October 2022
  • Hinau Street to Sutherland Avenue

    Due for completion December 2022
  • Tui Street to Hull Road


Common questions

As this project aims to make Maunganui Road significantly safer, we will be removing right turns onto Terrace Avenue and Bain Street.

Right turns are generally more complex than left turns and are a major contributor to accidents, often involving the most vulnerable road users; pedestrians and cyclists. Before closing any right turn access, impacts and the expected benefits are carefully considered.

Access to side roads via the new roundabouts take approximately 200 metres of extra driving. This may easily be offset by not having to wait for a gap in oncoming traffic, it will most definitely be safer.

Tauranga is growing and changing fast - this includes more people and more traffic.

To help manage traffic congestion as the city grows, we need to provide our community with a safe, reliable and easy choice between different ways to get around the city.

The design at Maunganui Road offers different ways to walk or cycle. Cyclists can use the designated on road bike paths or use the shared path off road – catering for people of different abilities and confidence levels.

We appreciate that the impact of work is directly affecting local businesses.

This work is disruptive and has an effect on traffic and people’s ability to access businesses easily.

We will typically only renew a road such as Maunganui Road every 20-30 years, which puts the overall impact of construction in perspective. The safety upgrade will make a difference for generations to come.

Whilst we can't not do the construction, we are working with businesses in the area to try and minimise the impacts where we can.

We work with individual business owners to understand their priorities, this continues as work progresses and impacts change.

After discussion with businesses in the area, the timing of the work at this location was delayed from the original schedule to avoid the peak trading season. The work is also scheduled to be completed prior to the busy summer trading season.

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