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Outdoor Showers

This subject came up a few years ago and is cropped up again. There are obviously mixed views about how these are handled but there was a significant amount of time spent on these with Jamie and I to come up with a definitive answer. Our Asset team was also involved with the process to ensure we did not foul any other department’s requirements.

 Provisions for outdoor showers (with hot water) include:

  • A catchment area with a cleanout
  • They must have a trapped feed to the sewer system
  • They must also have a 900mm (max) bunded square catchment.

 Other points to be clarified:

  • An external wall does not need any further treatment. (If it can handle rain, it will handle a shower rose).
  • You do not need a roof to stop rainwater getting into the sewer system as long as you have the 900mm sq. bunded area.
  • A cold water shower does not need any specific requirements. They will be treated no different to the installation of a hose tap.
  • These issues were all discussed at the time and a 900mm square maximum catchment was seen as an acceptable compromise by all parties. Most of these units are against the building and partially covered by the soffit. The sand catchment would be no more that if the external shower was not available and the homeowner had to use their internal one.
  • Another point that I had not clarified was that the external hot and cold supply showers should be on the building consent, or a minor variation requested.

Last Reviewed: 21/12/2018

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