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Top RFI's

In many cases, the building consent process is slowed down because we don’t have sufficient information to process the consent or have missed it in the documentation.

When Council needs to submit a Request for Further Information (RFI), the 20-day statutory clock stops and doesn’t start again until we have all the information we require. This costs time and money for all parties.

The tools in this portal should assist with reducing the number of RFIs. The Know Your Property page provides property information which designers can use while drawing up plans, and our Is Your Design Ready page provides the relevant checklist of things to consider when submitting a building consent application.

Hopefully the increased level of information will allow you to be more prepared when submitting an application, and it will decrease the overall number of RFIs.

Here are our top requests for February, and tips for how you can avoid them.

  • E2 external moisture, alternative designs. Details missing or not enough information provided. An example:
    Balustrade end detail
    Tip: Ensure detailing is provided. If you information does not align with the acceptable solution explain why it meets the performance criteria as this becomes an alternative solution. Don’t forget the four Ds - deflection, drainage, drying and durability. 
  • B1 structure, bracing. Inadequate bracing units per lineal meter, and uneven distribution.
    Tip: Check the result of calculation provided and spread out braces by starting in the corners and working in.
  • B1 structure, load paths not transferred to ground.
    Tip: Check girder trusses, beams, and follow to the ground do not stop at the top plate as lintels are being under specified.
  • E3 internal moisture.
    Tip: don’t forget to provide membrane information.
  • E1 catchment area
    Tip: work out what you are catching, as that’s what we check against.  

Help us help you by taking these common RFIs and comments into consideration when you submit your building consent application, for a smoother and quicker process. 

Last Reviewed: 27/02/2018


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