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Delivery of bins for the new kerbside service

Bin deliveries should now be complete across all suburbs in Tauranga City, with the exception of garden waste bins, bins for apartments/retirement villages and bins for new homes (those who received a code of compliance after 23 February). If you think we’ve missed you, please contact us by phone or email, kerbside@tauranga.govt.nz. Missing your food scraps bin? Make sure you check inside your rubbish bin.


We’re rolling out Tauranga’s new bins

Your new rubbish, recycling and food scraps bins will start being delivered to your kerbside from March – May 2021. Find your suburb's estimated delivery dates* below.

Bin delivery dates by suburb

Central suburbs
Monday 15 March – Wednesday 7 April 2021*
Southern and western suburbs
Wednesday 7 April  – Thursday 22 April 2021*
Coastal suburbs
Friday 23 April – Friday 31 May 2021*
Bellevue (complete) Hairini (complete)
Arataki (complete)
Bethlehem (complete) Ohauiti (complete)
Kairua (complete)
Brookfield (complete) Oropi (complete)
Matapihi (complete)
Gate Pa (complete) Poike (complete)
Mount Maunganui (complete)
Greerton (complete) Pyes Pa (complete) Omanu (complete)
Judea (complete) Maungatapu (complete) Papamoa (complete)
Matua (complete) Tauriko (complete) Papamoa Beach (complete)
Otumoetai (complete) Welcome Bay (complete)  
Parkvale (complete)
Waitao (complete)
Tauranga Central (complete)    
Tauranga South (complete)    

*It takes a long time to deliver 165,000 bins to 55,000 households, therefore delivery date ranges are approximate only and subject to change. This is because we’re completing delivery as fast as possible to save money for our city rather than sticking to a strict delivery schedule.

Get kerbside ready

If you no longer wish to keep your kerbside waste services with your current waste collection company, you can contact them to let them know you will no longer be needing their services from July 2021. You should also arrange a suitable time for them to remove their bins from your property ahead of the new service starting. If you find yourself without a wheelie bin service before the new collections begin, you can use our weekly rubbish bag service until the 30 June 2021.

Receiving and using the bins

We will be delivering bins to all households, suburb by suburb, starting 15 March 2021. All households should have their bins by the end of May 2021, in time for when the service starts from 1 July 2021. Check the map at the top of the page for a more detailed estimated delivery timeframe for your suburb.

You will receive one large 240L wheelie bin for recycling, one medium 140L wheelie bin for rubbish and one small 23L bin for food scraps. Households should already have a small blue recycling bin for glass. Each of the different bins will be delivered by a different truck, therefore it might take a day or so for all three new bins to make it to your kerbside.

An information brochure will be delivered inside your new food scraps bin. The brochure contains handy information about the new service, and a collection calendar that lets you know when to put each bin out for collection. You can start using your new bins a week or two before your first collection in July.

Storage of the bins

The rubbish, recycling, glass and food bins, when placed side by side take up approximately 2 metres in length. They are weather and animal proof, so they can be stored outside or inside. You can also store the food scraps bin inside the rubbish bin once you’ve removed the ‘how-to guide’ from the food scraps bin to save space.

Many people already have a rubbish bin, recycling bin and a glass bin. Some also have a garden bin. It is the small food scrap bin that is the new service. The rubbish, recycling, glass and food bins, when placed side by side take up approximately 2 metres in length. They are weather and animal proof, so they can be stored outside or inside.

Issues with bin delivery

Check the map for when your suburb should have received their bins, as we could still be delivering to your area. If your suburb deliveries should have been completed check with your neighbours. Give it a week and if you still don’t have your bin/s then give us a call. We have allowed plenty of time to ensure all households have their bins by 1 July.

Please note that the recycling and rubbish bins (rubbish bins will have the food scraps bin inside) will be delivered separately, but they should be delivered on the same day or within the next day.

Contact us on kerbside@tauranga.govt.nz or phone 07 577 7000 and we will look into this and either have the bin/s fixed or have some replacement bins delivered.

Contact us on kerbside@tauranga.govt.nz or phone 07 577 7000 and we will look into this and have some replacement bins delivered.

If you signed up for garden waste before 28 February, you will receive your garden waste bin between mid-April and late-May. We had originally planned to deliver the garden waste bins with the other bins, but it was easier to have them delivered separately all at once.

Please note that only those who have signed up for garden waste will receive a garden waste bin.

Sign up for garden waste collections

There may be many reasons why bins are left on the kerbside, including the person is not home, it is a holiday home, the residents are physically unable to take their bins in or someone may be intentionally leaving them on the kerbside.

If bins are left on the kerbside, we will have a team driving the streets to move the bins to the address they belong. 

If you have a neighbour who is unable to bring their bins in from the kerbside, please give them a hand and ask them to contact us if they require an assisted service.

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