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Why we need to change

Let’s send less to landfill: reducing our household waste through kerbside collections. 

Nearly 70% of our household waste could be reduced

Currently, almost 70% of Tauranga’s household waste sent to landfill could be recycled or composted instead.

Through our new kerbside collection service every household in Tauranga will have access to recycling and composting. 

We plan to halve the amount of waste we sent to landfill by 2028. 

Why is landfill bad? 

Landfill is bad for our people and the environment. Everything that’s put into your rubbish bin is collected and transferred to an area of land where is can sit for generations, waiting to decompose. 

Landfill is made up of layers of densely compacted waste with little access to oxygen. Because of this, everything that we throw decomposes at a very slow rate. Organic materials, such as garden waste and food scraps, rot via a different process in landfill, emitting a gas called methane, which contributes to climate change. 

The cost of landfill increases every year, because the more we throw in the rubbish the more space we need for landfill. 

Let’s compost 

Currently 33% of what households send to landfill is food scraps and 16% is green waste. This organic waste could be given a new life as nutrient rich compost instead.    

Food scraps put down an insinkerator or waste disposal ultimately end up in the landfill too. 

We can reduce our waste being sent to landfill by almost 50% if we compost our food scraps and garden waste. 

Learn more about your food scraps bin 

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Let’s recycle

When the new service starts in July, you’ll be able to recycle number 5 plastics as well as plastics number 1 and 2! Number 5 plastics are used for things like ice cream and takeaway containers. Almost 16% of what we currently send to landfill could be recycled. Check the recycling triangle at the bottom of your packaging to find the recycling number. 

Learn more about your recycling bin

Last Reviewed: 17/06/2021

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