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Tauranga has a sprinkler and irrigation system ban in place 


Rubbish bags

Information on rubbish bags at the transfer station and rubbish bag collections pre-July 2021.

Pre-paid rubbish bags at the transfer station

The new kerbside collection service will begin on 1 July, which means the council will no longer be collecting pink stickered black rubbish bags or yellow pre-printed black rubbish bags from kerbsides. Supermarkets and Four Squares will no longer sell council rubbish bags from this date. If you have pre-paid rubbish bags left over, you will be able to use and dispose of excess pre-paid council rubbish bags transfer station free of charge.

Generic rubbish bags at the transfer station

You can take bags of up to 60 litres to the transfer station for a fee of $3.50, with a maximum weight of 10kg per bag. A maximum of three bags will be accepted per vehicle, with any more than three being charged the general rubbish rate. To avoid delays, visit the transfer station between 10:00am – 2:00pm.

Information for kerbside rubbish bag collections pre-July 2021

You can buy pink stickered black rubbish bags or yellow pre-printed black rubbish bags from all supermarkets in Tauranga. These are council rubbish bags. The cost for collection is covered by the purchase of the bags and their stickers. Bag prices may vary according to the retailer.

The recommended purchase price is $15.99 for a roll of 5 handled bags, and $3.20 for one pre-printed yellow bag. Please note that each supermarket sets their own price so the cost will vary.

Tauranga City Council pink stickers are not sold separately. 

Rubbish bags must be securely tied and weigh less than 10kg. Please wrap sharp objects before putting them in the bag. Do not put used oil packs, hot ashes or liquids in rubbish bags.  Please place your rubbish bags at the kerbside before 7.30am to guarantee they’ll be picked up on your collection day, although please note, we can’t guarantee a particular collection time as contractors schedules can vary.

Some companies sell different coloured rubbish bags (brown for Tauranga, green for Western Bay of Plenty.)

Please note council rubbish bags are not collected from all private roads due to access issues – please refer to the private roads access list (194kb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 18/06/2021

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