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New community: Tauriko West

Tauriko West, on the edge of Tauranga, is one of the large-scale urban developments proposed to support our region’s growth, delivering a new community with an estimated 3000 to 4000 new homes from 2025. 

Planning for a new community at Tauriko West is part of Tauriko for Tomorrow – a collaborative project driven by four key partners, Western Bay of Plenty District Council, Bay of Plenty Regional Council, Tauranga City Council and Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency.

We are working together to create great communities and a safe transport network in the western Bay of Plenty to cater for growth and implement the vision of SmartGrowth for the wider region, starting in Tauriko West.

Share your views on Tauriko for Tomorrow

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency and Tauranga City Council are seeking peoples’ views on the next phase of the Tauriko for Tomorrow project to shape the community in Tauriko West. We would like to hear your views on the following:

  • The emerging preferred long-term transport option
  • The enabling works (short-term transport improvements)
  • The draft land use plan and associated changes to the Tauranga City Plan
  • Suggested changes to the way we plan for open space and reserves in new communities

An information display will be available at Tauranga Crossing from Friday 20 to Sunday 29 May, for people to find out about progress and share your views.

Details: Tauriko for Tomorrow information display at Tauranga Crossing

Opposite the Garden Eateries, downstairs Friday, 20 May to Sunday, 29 May*, during mall opening hours

* Our project team will be available, in-person, to hear peoples’ views and answer questions at the following times:

  • Sunday, 22 May, 10am – 4pm
  • Thursday, 26 May, 11am – 7pm
  • Saturday, 28 May, 9am – 3pm

For more information visit www.taurikofortomorrow.co.nz


Tauranga and the western Bay of Plenty continue to experience strong population growth and as a result, more land is needed for housing. We have identified Tauriko West as an ideal location to set up a new community and provide more residential housing to cater for this growth. 

Progress on the structure plan for the new community at Tauriko West and technical investigations such as geotechnical, stormwater and environmental assessments are also ongoing, and we have developed some proposals and ideas for the new community.

Subject to completing the planning process, it is expected that the first houses will start being built from 2025 onwards.

Tauriko West project website

Building a new community

To create a thriving, safe, resilient and connected community that is well-served by amenities, we’ve developed some proposals and ideas for the new community – where houses, open spaces, schools and other facilities could be located, as well as ways to protect the natural and cultural environment. 

The draft land use plan shows the extent of land that may be developed for residential use, along with:

  • Riverside reserve, escarpment areas, and open space.
  • Connections to the short and long-term transport improvements.
  • Multimodal links to Tauriko Business Estate and the wider city.
  • Opportunities to connect walkways/cycleways along the Wairoa River.

Tauriko for Tomorrow Draft Land Use Plan

Proposals for the new community

The planning process

Building the new community at Tauriko West will require changes to the Tauranga City Plan. This is a statutory process under the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA).

Currently, the land within Tauriko West is zoned rural. We need to change the City Plan to rezone the land to allow housing to be developed. The plan change will also outline the planning rules that will apply to the development and guide consent decisions.

Tauranga City Council propose to use the Streamlined Planning Process (SPP) under the RMA to progress the plan change.  

To prepare for the rezoning of Tauriko West, the change to the urban limits line (Bay of Plenty Regional Council) and local government boundary alteration (Western Bay of Plenty District Council) have already been completed.

Providing access – the transport network

To support the delivery of urban growth at Tauriko West and in the wider Western Corridor, the Tauriko for Tomorrow project has developed transport plans that enable access to Tauriko Business Estate and Tauriko West, improve safety for all users, increase opportunities for public transport and active transport, protect freight routes to the Port of Tauranga, and open up the Western Corridor of Tauranga for housing and urban development.

Waka Kotahi is developing the Tauriko Network Connections Detailed Business Case which will confirm the long-term (ten plus years) improvements to State Highway 29 (SH29) and State Highway 29A (SH29A), from Omanawa Road to the Takitimu Drive Toll Road roundabout, and SH29A to Barkes Corner intersection (Pyes Pa/Cameron roads).  
From the technical investigations and analysis of the input to date from partners, stakeholders, potentially affected parties and the wider community, Option B – Offline is the emerging preferred option for the long-term transport network.

Tauriko for Tomorrow Long Term Transport Network


Alongside the long-term planning , Tauranga City Council and Waka Kotahi have approved a package of short-term transport improvements, known as the Enabling Works. These works will enable construction of the first 2000 homes within Tauriko West, support continued development of Tauriko Business Estate, and improve safety and access to public transport, walking and cycling.

Tauriko for Tomorrow Enabling Works Plan

Subject to detailed design, land acquisition, and statutory approvals, construction of the enabling works is expected to commence in 2023 and take 18-24 months to complete.

The proposed transport network

What we’ve heard so far

In May and June 2021, we asked for feedback on the proposals for the new community at Tauriko West and improvements to the transport network.  We are also engaging with tangata whenua, stakeholders, landowners and key interest groups, businesses, and organisations in the area.

The type of feedback received so far shows that we are generally on the right track. We heard overall support for the new community in Tauriko West, with feedback focused on the provision of a range of housing choice, styles and densities, the need for a new community hub, community facilities, schools, and that the supporting transport network needs to be upgraded well in advance of the first houses in the new Tauriko West community.

Community feedback also highlighted the importance of continuing with a coordinated and integrated approach to planning for a safer community and growth in Tauriko West and Tauranga’s Western Corridor. Ongoing engagement with potentially affected landowners has also highlighted the need to provide certainty around timeframes for decision-making and construction.

Summary of Engagement - November 2021

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Tell us what you think

We want to know your views on the next phase of the Tauriko for Tomorrow project to shape the community in Tauriko West.

Feedback closes 5pm, Friday 17 June


  • January to June 2017

    Engagement on the vision for Tauriko West, Transport Network Plan recommendations, changes to the urban limits and boundary adjustments.
  • May to October 2018

    Change of the urban limits line within the Regional Policy Statement. The change was approved in October 2018.
  • Mid 2018 to 2020. 

    Engagement on the boundary alteration process, including Local Government Commission process. The boundary change came into effect on 1 January 2021.
  • May and June 2021

    Engagement on the draft structure plan, the enabling transport works and the short list for the long-term state highway improvements.
  • November 2021

    Summary of feedback from May/June survey and open days.
  • 20 to 29 May 2022

    Community engagement at Tauranga Crossing.
  • 20 May to 17 June 2022

    Online community engagement.
  • Ongoing

    Engagement with mana whenua, stakeholders, landowners and key interest groups.

Be involved

We want to work together with our communities, to embrace the area’s history and build and protect the environment, while creating the region’s newest community.

It is important that we get the planning right, together. The success of this project will require a good understanding of what outcomes we want to achieve for the community, and what the community wants.

As we progress the various components of the project, community and stakeholder engagement is essential. Throughout the project, you’ll have the opportunity to find out about progress and share your thoughts at open days, workshops and surveys.

To be informed of opportunities to be involved, sign up for our e-newsletter on the project website

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Tell us what you think

We want to know your views on the next phase of the Tauriko for Tomorrow project to shape the community in Tauriko West.

Feedback closes 5pm, Friday 17 June

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Talk with a staff member

At Tauranga City Council about structure planning and rezoning: 

richard.harkness@tauranga.govt.nz | 027 272 1505

At Waka Kotahi NZTA about the transport improvements:
kaylene.meyer@nzta.govt.nz | 07 927 6009

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