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Tauriko for Tomorrow project overview

The vision for Tauriko West is to create a thriving community for locals to live, work, learn and play. With our SmartGrowth partners, we identified the area as an ideal location to set up a new community and provide more residential housing to cater for our city’s growth. We estimate that Tauriko West could accommodate 3000 – 4000 new homes.

The community will have amenities such as schools, parks, cycle and walkways, access to shopping and community facilities, and transport infrastructure.

Tauriko is also the gateway for visitors from the Waikato using State Highway 29 (SH29) over the Kaimai Range. The state highway is a key freight route that connects our region with Hamilton, Auckland and the north. SH29 supports the economic success of the western Bay, so it is vital that growth and liveability, and traffic safety and efficiency go hand in hand.

While we are future-proofing our region, we are also drawing on our past. Tauriko is an area steeped in history, and for over 800 years the Wairoa River has been a source of food, water, and enterprise. Working together with iwi and the community, to embrace the area’s history and build and protect the environment is essential in creating the Tauriko for Tomorrow.

Tauriko for Tomorrow

The ideal location

  • Located on the periphery of the existing city
  • Relatively easy to service with infrastructure
  • With development planned to start in 2024/25, including initial improvements to State Highway 29
  • Owned by a limited number of landowners (not fragmented into many titles)
  • A high amenity location that faces north-west and slopes gently towards the Wairoa River
  • Provides a strong opportunity to develop high quality urban place-making and community.

Project objectives

The Tauriko for Tomorrow project aims to deliver:

  • Reserves, schools and community facilities to support a live, learn, work, play community
  • Connected communities supported by public transport, cycle and walkways, and local road networks
  • Vibrant communities, connected to strong employment and shopping centres
  • Safe communities for everyone to enjoy and resilience to natural hazards such as flooding
  • An efficient and safer state highway, supporting a key freight route for our region
  • Connection to the environment and tangata whenua, embracing Tauriko’s history and protecting the Wairoa River Valley
  • New housing with a variety of housing types and choices.

The long-term goal is to have a successful region that is equipped to grasp every opportunity and is a place where people love to live.

What we’re proposing

To create a thriving, safe, resilient and connected community that is well-served by amenities, we’ve developed some proposals and ideas for the new community – where houses, open spaces, schools and other facilities could be located, as well as ways to protect the natural and cultural environment. 

We’re proposing:

  • A range of housing choice, styles and densities
  • A relocated and expanded school supporting current and future communities’ needs. Potential for a new high school
  • Integrated neighbourhood parks and sportsfields 
  • A local centre – providing for a collection of several shops and services including opportunity for a small (convenience) supermarket, GP surgery, pharmacy, café, takeaway, service station and possibly public toilets
  • A Wairoa River Reserve – with a playground, access to the river, walkways along the length of the full river corridor and water access; and which celebrates the historic and cultural importance of the awa
  • To recognise sites of cultural significance to mana whenua and preserve and enhance those areas
  • To protect our waterways and wetlands
  • Connectivity through street design and open space planning
  • A road network that promotes sustainable modes of transport such as walking, cycling and public transport over private car use.

The vision document shows what Tauriko West could look like, including what we’re proposing for the new community.

Tauriko West vision document (8.6mb pdf)

Building a community at Tauriko West will require changes to the City Plan as part of the Resource Management process. Currently, the land is zoned rural and needs to be rezoned for residential development. Subject to the required planning processes, it is expected that the first houses will start being built in late 2024, if not 2025.

A draft landuse plan has been prepared to show the extent of land likely to be developed for:

  • Residential development areas, proposed to provide for a mix of housing typologies
  • Riverside reserve
  • Multimodal connections to the existing Tauriko Business Estate and wider city
  • Opportunities to connect walkways/cycleways along the length of the Wairoa River.

Draft structure plan (499kb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 14/05/2021

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