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The Greerton Maarawaewae study

Greerton racecourse

Tauranga City Council is looking at the future use of the Crown-owned Tauranga Racecourse Reserve in Greerton.

Update – 25 October 2022

Thank you to those that took part in the consultation on the Greerton Maarawaewae Study’s three options.  

Supporting documents:

This update contains the following:

  • Delay in having the hearings, deliberations and decision in November and December 2022
  • The Racing Working Party 
  • Next steps. 

Delay in having the hearings, deliberations and decision in November and December 2022

Originally the hearings (of submissions) were going to be held in November, followed by deliberations (the decision process of Council) in December 2022. 

Council is delaying the consideration of submissions until early 2023 to fully explore some outstanding issues before making a fair and robust recommendation to the Crown around the future use of the Tauranga Racecourse Reserve.

A number of these issues have specifically been raised through the submissions process and some are longer term, Bay of Plenty-wide strategic issues. 

Council believes that investing more time on consideration of these factors will result in the best decision for the future use of this land and the best outcomes for the city. 

The main areas requiring clarification are as follows:

  1. Sites for a potential relocation of the Racecourse
    The Racing Working Party is considering a list of site options before Christmas (see Racing Working Party below).
  2. Equestrian facilities
    Further progress needs to be made on assessing potential site options. There is also the need for the national equestrian strategy work and the Bay of Plenty equestrian strategic work to be undertaken. 
  3. Golf
    While the golf course location remains under all three options that were out for consultation, there is further work to be done on opening up the site for increased community use and safe access to the Kōpurererua Valley. 
  4. Health services precinct
    The potential for health services on the site has been expressed but there does need to be further work undertaken that would (a) clarify what these ‘health services’ might consist of and (b) further understands the health provision needs within wider Bay of Plenty strategic context – i.e. future expectations for growth and potential changes to the ways health services are provided.
  5. Housing
    While Council has made it clear there will not be housing on the Racecourse Reserve site (based on the strong community feedback received throughout the Study process), there are wider housing issues to be considered – including the likelihood of growth along the Cameron Road corridor and in the Greerton area.
  6. Power Supply
    One of the key assets adjoining the location is the existing power sub-station. Council needs to connect with Transpower regarding its future planning needs.
  7. Other issues 
    The submissions process delivered other suggestions that also need to be considered.

The Racing Working Party

New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing (NZTR) met several months ago with Racing Rotorua and Racing Tauranga and encouraged them to work together on what the future of racing will be for the Bay of Plenty region. While acknowledging the Bay of Plenty is a population growth hub, NZTR is of the view that thoroughbred racing in the region may be best sustained in the long-term if there is only one venue for racing in the region.

As part of the ongoing planning for improved industry performance and future venue planning, a cross-organisational working party led by NZTR was established to identify potential sites for a sub-regional facility. The working party also includes Western Bay of Plenty District Council, Rotorua Lakes Council and Tauranga City Council.

The Working Party has met three times to date and is currently considering a shortlist of potential sites for investigation.

Next steps

We will keep you posted including the revised dates for the hearings and deliberations taking place in 2023.

Background information about the study

Document library

Options study progress report – April 2022 

Final engagement report (1.9mb pdf)
Raw data online feedback – Phase 2 engagement (1.2mb pdf)
Summary of online feedback – Phase 2 engagement  (666kb pdf)
Summary of other feedback – Phase 2 engagement (949kb pdf)
Frequently Asked Questions – April 2022 (807kb pdf)
Raw data online feedback – Phase 1 engagement (1.2mb pdf)
Summary of in-person feedback - Phase 1 engagement (644kb pdf)
Some drawings from last year's focus groups (3.11mb pdf)
Racing Tauranga Fact Sheet (406kb pdf)
History of the whenua/land (134kb pdf)

LTP 2021-2031 Submissions 

The following submitters made a submission on the future of the racecourse and golf course.

LTP 2021-2031 Submission No. 155 - see page 316
LTP 2021-2031 Submission No. 927 - see page 25
LTP 2021-2031 Submission No. 1398 - see page 130
LTP 2021-2031 Submission No. 1430 - see page 355
LTP 2021-2031 Submission No. 1636 - see page 434

Further information

Enabling Growth across Tauranga
Connected Centres Programme
Te Papa Peninsula Project
Te Papa Peninsula – what you told us so far
Whakahou Taketake Vital Update Tauranga
Long-term Plan 2021-31
Community Centres Action and Investment Plan
Connected network of cycleways
Building our future. Cameron Road, Te Papa
Kopurererua Valley Reserve


Survey has closed

Consultation closed 5pm, Monday 29 August 2022.


The study is in three phases (we've completed three phases)

  • Phase 1: we are listening to ideas from mana whenua, existing users, and the wider community, to help generate options to be considered during Phase 2

    Late October to Christmas 2021
  • Phase 2: we are seeking feedback from mana whenua, existing users, and the wider community to provide feedback on options that have been developed based on the ideas that have been shared

    Mid December 2021 to 6 March 2022
  • Update to the Commissioners - information on the project including the Phase 1 and Phase 2 engagement results and progress on the study options

    11 April 2022
  • Recommendations to the Commissioners – recommendations on next steps forward including the final phase of engagement (Phase 3)

    13 June 2022
  • Phase 3: we are consulting with mana whenua, exiting users, the wider community and those that provided feedback previously, to identify a preferred option based on previous feedback and the multi-criteria analysis assessment

    27 July to 5pm 29 August 2022
  • Greerton Maarawaewae Study Commissioners Panel to hear community views and consider all the submissions received

  • Final report and recommendations will then go to the Commissioners for a decision on the future of this reserve land


Drone footage of the Greerton reserve land and surrounding area

Engagement with Tauranga's ethnic and multicultural leaders

Here's what you told us so far

In 2019 and 2020 we asked the people of the Te Papa peninsula what they valued about their existing neighbourhoods and what they would like to see in the future.

The following is a summary of what the people of Greerton and Gate Pā told us.

Thoughts about Te Papa - Gate Pā

  • Central
  • Quiet and safe
  • Services at a walkable distance
  • On bus routes
  • Sense of communtiy - good neighbours
  • Parks need toilets and BBQs to be usable
  • Off-road linkages for cyclists and pedestrians
  • More public transport options
  • Traffic flows
  • More to do
  • More greenspace
  • Community centre
  • A safe community where everyone's needs are met
  • Vibrant neighbourhood with lots to do
  • Properly planned parks - safe, youth and child-friendly, toilets are important
  • Close to services
  • Good, safe, alternative transportation
  • Good parks and recreation spaces
  • Lots of trees and nature
  • Good living conditions and green space not sacrificed
  • No reactionary approach and "band-aid" fixes

Thoughts about Te Papa - Greerton

  • Central
  • Proximity to a variety of services
  • On bus routes
  • Family feel
  • Tight-knit community and good neighbours
  • Good parks nearby
  • Quiet
  • Upgrade existing facilities - Greerton Hall, pensioner housing, footpaths, quality of shops and cafes
  • More sports facilities to cater for population growth
  • Safer cycling routes, better access for walking
  • Ease congestion -'improvements' not working, better access to major transport routes
  • Less poverty/homelessness, more people owning their own home
  • Need good parks
  • Public and active transport modes
  • Better traffic flow
  • Safe and friendly
  • Some want Greerton to remain the same
  • Want to feel safe
  • Access to spaces such as Waimapu Estuary and Kopurererua Valley
  • Bustling centre with low cost activities


Survey has closed

Consultation closed 5pm, Monday 29 August 2022.

We’re partnering with

Kāinga Ora - Homes and Communities

This study has been supported by Kāinga Ora – Homes and Communities as part of their broader partnership with Council to support quality urban development within our growing city for people and whānau to live, work, learn and play.

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