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Central library and community hub

We are preparing to replace the current library in the city centre with a new Central Library & Community Hub.  

The vision for the new facility is that will be a vibrant and inspirational place where everyone can learn, relax, create, socialise, and enjoy themselves.

Its purpose will be to:

  • Provide experiences and opportunities to expand minds, foster creativity, connect with others, access information, find solitude, and have fun.
  • Share and preserve the stories of Tauranga Moana: past, present, and future.
  • Support engagement with, and delivery of the library network both physically and digitally.
  • Contribute to a vibrant city centre that people want to visit

We anticipate that it will:

  • Provide a wide spectrum of programmes and events, co-created with our community
  • Improve access to information, technology and resources
  • Enable study, business and personal development
  • Provide space for meetings, gatherings and community services
  • Demonstrate a visible partnership with Mana Whenua
  • Provide an expanded heritage and collection space to reflect our evolving history
  • Become a place for current and future generations to love

Tauranga Central Library Community Hub Strategic Case and Analysis (9mb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 07/05/2021

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