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Elizabeth Street upgrade

The Elizabeth Street upgrade aims to create an attractive and safe, people-focused environment to reflect the redevelopment of Tauranga’s city centre as a place for people – in line with the direction of the City Centre Spatial Framework.

This will entail a pedestrian-focused, slow-speed environment for Elizabeth Street and its surrounds. The upgrade also contributes to the ‘green necklace’ of connected walkways around the city centre. 

What is proposed?

The Elizabeth Street project proposes changes to streets surrounding the Farmers development, including Elizabeth Street, Elizabeth Lane, Devonport Road and First Ave. 

The Farmers redevelopment is a once-in-a-generation development for Tauranga’s city centre, which will bring a significant anchor store back to the area, as well as hundreds of new residents.

Council is investing in the streetscape, in partnership with Farmers, and the proposed upgrade will be completed in time for the opening of the Farmers store, scheduled for April 2021. The area in front of the development on Elizabeth Street and the adjacent Elizabeth Lane are the main focuses for the upgrade and we are seeking feedback on the concept designs for those areas.

The proposed upgrade aims to create an attractive, people-focused environment which will complement the Farmers development and also contribute to the revitalisation of Tauranga’s city centre.

Proposed changes include:

  • wider footpath on Elizabeth Street with trees, landscaping, street furniture, and places to rest and socialise
  • laneway upgrade, including trees, landscaping, new paving and seating
  • mid-block pedestrian crossings on Elizabeth Street and First Avenue
  • raised pedestrian crossings on Devonport Road, either side of First Avenue
  • changes to street parking
  • recognition of cultural history within the design
  • safety improvements for people walking, biking and driving
  • rain gardens.

Find out more about the proposed options to upgrade Elizabeth Street and the surrounding area.

Find out more

Thank you for your feedback. Consultation on proposed options closed at 5pm on Wednesday, 25 March 2020. The community feedback provided will inform Council's decision on a concept design proposal, and whether to progress to detailed design construction.

Why is Council upgrading Elizabeth Street?

The Elizabeth Street upgrade is part of the city centre revitalisation approach. This project seeks to improve the amenity of the city centre in order to support and attract investment in residential development and attract new businesses to the city centre. 

Next steps

April Community feedback used to inform Council decision making and approval to progress to next stage of design
May – Oct Further development of the design, including detailed design
Late 2020 Construction commences
2021 Construction complete


Creation of the Tauranga City Centre Spatial Framework – a strategic document setting out a vision for the city centre, and eight key moves to transform the city centre to a vibrant and exciting place where people want to live, shop, visit, play and businesses want to invest. Key moves such as “the green necklace” and “harbour to harbour” led to the identification of an opportunity to transform Elizabeth Street to a high amenity connection between the two harbours and contributing to a continuous 4km walking and biking circuit around the perimeter of the city centre.

Community engagement on the community’s vision for the city centre was undertaken in May 2017. Feedback on what the community wanted to see and experience in Elizabeth Street was received at that time.

The City Centre Spatial Framework prioritises projects that support public and private sector investment and development. Elizabeth Street was identified as one of five projects to be prioritised, due to the nationally significant redevelopment of Farmers into a 12-storey mixed use retail and apartment building, and the redevelopment of Regional House.

The Elizabeth Street project was proposed to connect to two other projects; the Durham Street upgrade (now completed) and the Strand Extension.


Development of a concept for an Elizabeth Street Linear Park (8mb pdf) . The concept included a 10m wide pavement on the south side of Elizabeth Street with a separated cycleway, trees and landscaping, and play elements. The linear park was proposed to extend from the eastern end of Elizabeth Street to Cameron Road.

In July 2018, a workshop was held for local businesses and residents to input into the draft concept design. This was a highly interactive workshop and the feedback provided was incorporated into the concept design.

A number of required infrastructure upgrades and renewals identified, to be timed with streetscape upgrade works. 

November 2018 – August 2019: development of the project was paused.


In August, Council resolution requested staff to consider scoping and staging options for the Elizabeth Street Upgrade project in order to ensure upgrade works are completed in time for the Farmers opening in 2021.

Report to Council (247kb pdf)

Community workshop with nearby businesses, residents and councillors was also held in August.

In late 2019 the scope for the Elizabeth Street upgrade was reset to focus on the immediate vicinity of Farmers in order to meet construction timeframes and to minimise effects on adjacent businesses. The full linear park concept remains as an opportunity for future development. Options development commences


Jan – Feb: Consolidation of option development and development of preferred concept. Transport modelling of selected options and initial cost estimates of preferred concept.

Report to Council (30mb pdf) 

March: Council sought feedback from the community on options to upgrade Elizabeth Street, First Avenue, Devonport Road and Elizabeth Lane to understand community and stakeholder views on the proposed concept. Consultation on proposed options opened Wednesday, 11 March and closed on Wednesday, 25 March 2020.

Find out more

Future upgrades in the area

Further upgrades have been explored for this area to make the city a more attractive place to work, live and visit and could be implemented if funding becomes available in the future. Find out more about:

  • a concept for a green, high-amenity walking and cycling link between the two harbours, connecting the Waikareao estuary walkway to the Matapihi rail bridge.
  • intersection and safety improvements on Devonport Road, with widened footpaths and tree-lined streets on Devonport Road and First Avenue.

Concept for a green, high-amenity walking and cycling link (7.7mb pdf) Intersection and safety improvements on Devonport Road (692kb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 26/03/2020

Latest News

Have your say on Elizabeth Street upgrade options

Posted: 11 March 2020

If you live, work, shop, walk, cycle or drive around Elizabeth Street and the new Farmers development, we want to hear your thoughts on proposed upgrades to the area.

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