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Harington Street Transport Hub

The council has decided to abandon completion of the Harington Street Transport Hub carpark building because the costs to fix structural design deficiencies are prohibitive.

The project timeline

  • Construction of the new car parking building started in June 2018
  • In July 2019, Tauranga City Council was informed that there was a potential issue relating to the structure's seismic design strength.
  • Work on-site was suspended in September 2019 while the council had an engineering design review undertaken. As a result of that review, it was confirmed that the structure design did not meet the required standard of seismic resistance.
  • Retrospective strengthening to the structure and its foundations was required to complete the building. This was determined to be cost-prohibitive.
  • The council decided on 4 June 2020 to abandon the project. Independent expert advice indicated that the cost of completion would be significant and would completely undermine the economic viability of the project. Analysis indicated that the losses for ratepayers would be far worse if the building were to be completed. There was no economically feasible way of remedying the structural design flaws of the building, so the most cost-effective and financially prudent option available was to abandon the project.

Council is pursuing cost recovery options and will take every possible step to protect the interests of the community.

Read the media statement and background information about Council's decision to abandon the project.

Media statement Background information

What was the transport hub?

The new transport hub in Harington Street was a $29 million project to cater for the travel needs of over 800 people across a range of transport modes. It was to have 250 spaces for people to park bicycles, 550 spaces for cars (including 15 mobility parking spaces), and 53 spaces for motorbikes. The building was to include electric charge points for cars and bikes, and showers and gear storage to make it easier for people who wanted to bike to work. If completed, the building would have stood seven levels above ground, with two more levels below ground.

What will happen to the building? 

The Harington Street site holds strategic inner-city value and Council will now explore its future use for other development purposes. The existing structure (with the exception of the basement) can't be used for other building purposes because of its sloping floors.

What does this mean for city centre car parking?

The parking demand assumptions that the project was originally based on have become less certain. Council will work with city businesses and with the wider community on future decisions that will ensure parking supply and demand are in balance.

Last Reviewed: 15/12/2020

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