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City centre transformation

Our city centre is transforming into a vibrant and busy central hub. There is lots of development planned and underway to make our city centre ‘fit for the future’, with the infrastructure to function as the commercial, civic and cultural heart of the region.

Transformation Map  

Real-time map 

Select the link below to view the transformation map in real-time. This view outlines temporary road closures, one-way streets and earthquake strengthening work. 

City centre transformation real-time map

This map below identifies the major developments, which are currently planned or underway in our city centre as at August 2018. 

Transformation map

City centre transformation map (106kb pdf)

City Centre Response Plan 

The level of growth in the city centre means that over the next few years, people are likely to experience disruption with a number of construction sites in action. 

With the Heart of the City programme well underway, and a number of other organisations involved in the transformation of the city centre, council has introduced a response plan to work together with city centre partners and address the challenges ahead in a collaborative way.

What’s the aim? 

We want this response plan to minimise disruption, contributing to a safe, vibrant and successful city centre. 

Our objectives

  • transformation partners are well-informed, collaborative and contributing to the city centre response 
  • workers, residents and visitors are aware of the impacts of the city centre transformation and participating in the response
  • Tauranga city centre is inviting and easy to get around for everyone
  • residents of Tauranga are aware that the city centre transformation is underway and what the benefits will be.

What’s the focus? 

Following feedback from people across the city, we have been able to prioritise four key response areas: 

  1. Joined-up approach to the city’s development
  2. Communication
  3. Access (getting people to and around the city)
  4. Activation (things that will bring people to the city)

Transformation partners working together 

Transformation partners include business owners (including retailers), developers/contractors, Mainstreet/Downtown Tauranga, council staff, elected members and the City Centre Action Group.

We are working together by collaborating online, keeping in regular contact on the actions on a weekly basis. We meet in person every two months. 

A living document

In collaboration with transformation partners, we have developed the Response Plan document that outlines our key areas of focus and the actions and priorities. This document is a 'living document' as it will continue to be updated and amended to adapt to the changing timeframes and priorities for the city centre.

Tauranga City Centre Response Plan (2mb pdf)

Events in the city centre

There are a number of websites available that outline the events happening in the city centre. See the list below of helpful event sites:

Want to discuss further?

If you have any questions, you can email the Heart of the City Team at hoc@tauranga.govt.nz


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