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Arataki pump track

Tauranga City Council has been working with the Mount Maunganui Pump Track Society on a community led project to build a neighbourhood pump track at Arataki Park.

The pump track will add another valuable community facility to this popular park.  

A community led project

The Mount Maunganui Pump Track Society first approached council to create the pump track in 2018 and council agreed to allow for and support this facility at Arataki Park. 

Council also allocated seed funding as part of the 2019/20 Annual Plan. Since this time, the Mount Maunganui Pump Track Society have raised the majority of funds through grants awarded by charitable organisations, primarily TECT: Tauranga & Western BOP Community Funding and Lottery Grants. The Mount Maunganui Pump Track Society will lead the construction of the pump track

For project updates from the Mount Maunganui Pump Track Society see their Facebook page. 

Mount Maunganui Pump Track Society facebook page

Location and design

The Arataki pump track will be located within the park on the corner of Grenada Street and Kaimanawa Street and will occupy the strip of land adjoining Grenada Street. It will not impact on the existing sporting activities.

Arataki Pump track

Arataki Pump Track location map

This pump track design, will feature easy, intermediate and advanced loops to provide for all ages and abilities

Arataki Pump track design (838kb pdf)

Timeline for construction

March: Construction will begin and is expected to take around three months. 

  • Phase one: ground preparation
  • Phase two: shaping and drainage
  • Phase three: laying the asphalt surface
  • Phase four: restoring the site and landscaping

June 2020: Approximate project completion

Once complete, the pump track will be vested to Tauranga City Council to own and maintain. 

This site will be irrigated from a bore (to suppress dust from the construction) and will not use water from Tauranga’s treated water supply.


Would you like to discuss this further?

If you have any questions or would like more information on this project please contact Nick.lynch-watson@tauranga.govt.nz or 07 577 7000.

If you have any questions about the pump track, please contact the Mount Maunganui Pump Track Society; Paul Wacker on 021 2728590 or James Petterson on 022 1859790. 



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