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Kiriwai Place Reserve

Kiriwai Place Reserve pedestrian bridge replacement


Construction will commence in mid-2021 and is anticipated to take 10 weeks. Signage will be placed in the area.


Kiriwai footbridge location Kiriwai existing footbridge

The stone and concrete footbridge at Kiriwai Place Reserve in Matua, to the west of Fergusson Park, is in an aged condition and has also been affected by erosion. Unfortunately, it would not be cost-effective to carry out the extensive works required to move the current bridge and make it safe and accessible to everyone. In addition, being built of stone/concrete the bridge would be unsuitable for relocating. We will be building a new footbridge, of similar size and dimensions approximately 6.5m further inland from the current location. Once complete, we intend to plant out the original site of the bridge with coastal plants to help control erosion.

Feedback on the designs informed us that the community would like a bridge that was aesthetically pleasing and in keeping with the current character bridge - more information on the Kiriwai Reserve footbridge consultation.

A report of the consultation process, including a summary of feedback.
summary of consultation (495kb pdf)

Replacement bridge

A curved masonry bridge with concrete floor and grouted rock walls, the same width as the existing bridge will be constructed. It will be built approximately 6.5 metres inland from the current bridge location.

Masonry bridge

Coastal erosion

Council is addressing the wider issue of coastal and harbour erosion through a city-wide project.

If you have any concerns about the wider issue of coastal and harbour erosion at this location we suggest you submit to the Long-term Plan 2021-31.  More information on coastal erosion

Last Reviewed: 15/03/2021

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