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Removing encroachments

We have been working with landowners to remove encroachments along the coast and are now working with landowners in the inner harbour to remove encroachments and restore public access to esplanade reserve. 

What is an encroachment?

An encroachment is identified by our Encroachments onto Reserves Policy 2006 as an unauthorised occupation, development or use of council administered land for private benefit. Encroachments may include any wall, steps, fence, garden furniture, lawns, garden plants or concrete paths which extend beyond the property owners’ legal boundary into a reserve.  

A wider plan to remove encroachments 

Last year, 2019, Tauranga City Council completed a project that removed encroachments along the length of the Mount Maunganui and Papamoa Coastal Reserve. This project saw hundreds of encroachments removed and the dunes returned to their natural state with native coastal plantings. This has restored ecological values to the coastal reserve and provides enhanced erosion protection during storms. 

Now that the encroachment removal project has been completed on the coast from Karewa Parade to the beginning of Oceanbeach Road, we have begun addressing encroachments in harbour reserves. 

In the Harbour Reserves Management Plan 2007 and the Reserves Management Plan 2019 the esplanade reserve along Forrester Drive was identified as a location where community access could be restored by encroachment removal. The reserve provides a walkway link between Tye Park and Welcome Bay Road.

When was this plan implemented? 

The Encroachments onto Reserves Policy was adopted by Council in 2006. The walkway was first planned through the Harbour Reserves Management Plan in 2007 and included in the latest Reserves Management Plan that was adopted in 2019. Funding for the walkway has been provided for through a number of Long-Term Plan processes since 2008.

Has there been any consultation on this area? 

There was consultation through past Reserve Management Plan reviews and budgeting through previous Long-Term Plans. 

Forrester Drive, Welcome Bay

Tauranga City Council has begun working with Welcome Bay residents along Forrester Drive to remove reserve encroachments around Tauranga Harbour. 

Where we have an esplanade reserve, (council owned reserve) on the harbour’s edge that is continuous, such as at Forrester Drive, we will remove the encroachments to restore public access to the reserve to form a walkway.  

As part of restoring public access, we are asking residents to remove any non-structural encroachments, such as wooden and wire fences, steps, timber edgings, and private property and we will remove the remaining non-structural encroachments. We will not remove seawalls.

When is the ‘boardwalk’/walkway planned for?

Only small sections of boardwalks will be constructed. The bulk of the walkway will be mown grass, that will be left after the encroachments have been removed.

How long will it take to finish? 

Construction of any required boardwalks will be completed by December 2021.

Approximate timeframes are as follows:

  • September 2019 and December 2019 council staff and Tonkin and Taylor structural engineers assessed encroachments on the esplanade reserve. 
  • November 2019 to January 2020 investigation into any resource consent requirements for an additional section of seawall to support a boardwalk and for sections of boardwalk to span structural concrete encroachments. 
  • Before February 2020 residents should remove any non-structural encroachments, such as wooden and wire fences, steps, timber edgings, private property and retain any materials they wish to keep. We will remove these remaining non-structural encroachments commencing February 2020.  
  • By mid-2020, the esplanade reserve will become accessible to the community.  
  • If resource consent is required for an additional section of seawall and for the boardwalk, these will be applied for by council.
  • Construction of any seawalls and boardwalks will occur mid-2020.

Last Reviewed: 13/02/2020

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