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Proposed kerbside collection services

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Our proposed kerbside collection services will enable and encourage Tauranga residents to recycle more and send less waste to landfill.

Recycling bins
Example collection service – recycling, rubbish, food scraps and glass

Full kerbside collection service

A kerbside service that collects recycling, food scraps and rubbish provides a great opportunity to maximise our residential waste diversion from landfill. It is important to remember, however, that the collection frequencies, what we’ll collect, size and types of bins, user-pays approach, etc. will be confirmed once the tender for services process is complete and the final service is confirmed.

Interim glass collection service

Although the full kerbside collection service will include glass recycling collections, it would not commence until 2021 due to the time it takes to set up and implement a city wide service. In the interim, we introduced a fortnightly kerbside glass collection service in October 2018 in response to Tauranga’s private collection providers ceasing to accept glass for recycling on 1 March 2018.

Food scraps bin

Over 30% of the average residential rubbish bin is food waste so collecting it will make a huge difference to the amount of waste we send to landfill. Also, food waste in landfill releases toxic gases and leachate so it’s better to process it for use in our gardens, and on our farms and orchards instead.

Mixed recycling bin

This bin is important for the recovery of plastics, cardboard, paper, aluminium and tin. Currently, some people choose not to pay for a recycling bin and put their recyclables in their rubbish bag or bin. We want them to recycle instead.

Rubbish bin

This bin should be used as a last resort. If the waste material can’t be avoided in the first place, re-used, recycled or composted then it should go in the rubbish bin for disposal to landfill.

Last Reviewed: 10/02/2020


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