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Why Tauriko West?

With our SmartGrowth partners, we identified the Tauriko West area as an ideal location to set up a new community and provide more residential housing to cater for our city’s growth.

Why is it ideal?

  • Located on the periphery of the existing city;
  • Relatively easy to service with infrastructure;
  • Able to integrate access with programme options being considered by the Transport Agency for State Highway 29;
  • Owned by a limited number of landowners (not fragmented into many titles);
  • A high amenity location that faces north-west and slopes gently towards the Wairoa River; and
  • Provides a strong opportunity to develop high quality urban place-making and community.

We estimate that Tauriko West could accommodate 3,000 new dwellings.

West urban growth areas

Last Reviewed: 16/10/2017


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