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Te Papa peninsula - outcomes

We’ve identified four outcomes for Te Papa that will allow us facilitate growth and deliver a range of benefits that respond to the needs and desires of the local and wider community.

We will work closely with the community, mana whenua and a range of organisations and stakeholders to achieve these outcomes in the best way possible. This section provides an overview of the outcomes, more detail on what we are aiming to achieve with each outcome and what we need to do to support this.

Key benefits

The feedback you provided on what you value the most about your community has helped us to develop a series of outcomes (for Te Papa that will result in the following benefits::

  • Neighbourhoods with a stronger sense of culture and identity
  • Improved environmental quality
  • Housing choice that meets our community’s needs
  • More opportunities for meaningful employment and economic growth
  • Better and more equitable access to social and economic opportunities


Your feedback to date helped us to develop a series of outcomes and they describe what we want the Te Papa peninsula to be like in the future: a place that is unique, liveable, connected and healthy. 

They provide guidance that allows us all to work together towards achieving those potential benefits that growth can provide to the Te Papa community if it is well-planned and supported by appropriate and timely investment. 

Outcome 1: Unique neighbourhoods

Unique neighbourhoods

A neighbourhood that tells the story of our people, culture and history every day.

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Outcome 2: Liveable neighbourhoods

Outcome 2 - Liveable nieghbourhoods

A neighbourhood that allows us to live close to places where we work, learn, play and meet our daily needs.

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Outcome 3: Connected neighbourhoods

Outcome 3 - Connected neighbourhoods

A neighbourhood where we have everything that we like and need to do on a daily basis close by.

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Outcome 4: Healthy neighbourhoods

Outcome 4: Healthy neighbourhoods

A neighbourhood supported by an environment that encourages us to be healthy and active. 

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