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Te Papa project overview

The Te Papa peninsula has promising opportunities for placemaking and urban growth.

Te Papa is well served for employment, education, healthcare and transport.  This area also has sufficient infrastructure capacity and is relatively resilient to natural hazards, making it a good place to start. Enabling more people to live in Te Papa makes good use of these existing investments.

What is the Te Papa peninsula?

The Te Papa peninsula runs from Barkes Corner, through the City Centre to the harbourside bridge.

Within Te Papa peninsula there are:

Note on government requirements

The government’s proposed National Policy Statement (NPS) on urban development, released in September 2019, stressed the urgency for urban growth areas in New Zealand to grow up as well as out, and for district plan rules to become more enabling of intensification. In this proposal the government has identified Tauranga as a ‘major urban centre’ which would need to meet more stringent growth requirements, which we would then need to reflect in our planning rules. We expect the final NPS to be released around July 2020, and acknowledge this may impact the outcomes of the intensification plan changes, and of our spatial planning work in the Te Papa peninsula. We will keep you informed along the way.

Related Projects

Plan Change 26 – Residential intensification

Right now, the rules (or framework) in place for residential land make it hard for people to build more compact types of homes like duplexes and apartments. This means we're not using land as effectively as possible to accommodate our growth.

We are currently reviewing and propose to make changes to the Suburban Residential, City Living and Commercial zones within our city plan to allow different dwelling types to be built.

We are currently drafting and testing the plan change provisions, and in the first half of 2020 we'll be asking the community for feedback on the proposed direction of the plan change. To prepare for this conversation, find out what the proposed plan change could look like by viewing this video, and contact us on cityplan@tauranga.govt.nz with any questions.

Future-proofing Cameron Road 

We are currently exploring the role Cameron Road plays within our city now and in the future. We want to be prepared for growth on this road, improving the way how people move around in the short, medium and long term. The Te Papa Spatial Framework will assist to set the longer term vision for Te Papa, including Cameron Road and how it contributes to local place making and movement, as well as its role in the wider network. We are also working with the Cameron Road project team as they develop options for the short term – so that we can help shape the way that the corridor contributes to a great place to live, work, play and visit.  

Last Reviewed: 30/01/2020


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