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Project overview

Located in Papamoa East, Te Tumu is bounded by the Pacific Ocean to the north, and the Kaituna River and farm lands to the south.

Overview map

It’s a place of great historic and cultural wealth, both for tangata whenua and European settlers, who have lived and worked on the land since the 1800s.

Councils and landowners have throughout the years considered options for urban development at Te Tumu, as signalled in various planning documents and past developer proposals. Now, Te Tumu is planned to help support the region’s future growth, as part of the SmartGrowth strategy.

The vision is for Te Tumu to be a coastal community that celebrates its significant history and environmental richness.

Te Tumu will provide new housing for approximately 15,500 people, with residential development aiming to start in 2024/25.

The proposed development will respect the Kaituna River and preserve the area’s natural character, while building a sustainable community around a proposed town centre (located within the adjoining Wairakei Residential Zone) and provide for areas to cater for employment, schools, sportsfields, walkways and cycleways.

Based on our investigations to date, approximately 400ha of the 740ha of land at Te Tumu could be developed. The balance of the land would be protected in order to preserve its natural and ecological importance and the cultural history of the area, and protect the future community from natural hazards.

Te Tumu is a project that joins landowners, developers, Tauranga City Council and SmartGrowth to provide new housing and cater to growth in the Bay of Plenty.

Project timeframes

Residential development within Te Tumu aims to start in 2024/25. This date considers the time required to work through various processes involved in this complex project. These processes include: 

  • progressing the required planning process to meet stakeholder and resource management expectations in order to notify a future plan change. This includes considering a wide range of matters (e.g. hazards, land use, infrastructure etc.) through technical assessment, as well as covering off issues raised by stakeholders such as the need to undertake further archaeological assessment, ensuring natural hazard risk is fully understood, and to provide for appropriate infrastructure to support future growth;
  • the rezoning of the land to provide for future urban uses in line with the aspirations proposed by land trusts and landowners through the resource management process;
  • the need to create suitable transportation and infrastructure corridors to service the different landowner blocks within Te Tumu. These corridors would ideally be secured through multiply-owned Māori land. The trustees of the relevant Māori land block are currently considering their options for future use and development of the land (including provision for roading and infrastructure corridors) following recent Court directions, which may impact on project timeframes and planning processes. The trust's website provides further information and detail about the trust, its vision and the development proposal for their beneficiaries. Visit the Tumu Kaituna 14 Trust website.

Tauranga has experienced considerable growth over the past 30 years, and is projected to continue growing. Seven urban development areas have been identified around the western Bay of Plenty to cater for this as part of a long-term SmartGrowth strategy. Te Tumu is one of these areas. Other project areas include Tauriko West, building a more compact city for Tauranga and planning for future growth within the Keenan Road area (south of The Lakes development within Pyes Pa), Omokoroa, Katikati, and Te Puke.

Last Reviewed: 10/07/2020

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