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Structure planning

Tauranga City Council’s main role in Te Tumu is to deliver a structure plan for the new urban growth area and associated City Plan changes.

Council would then deliver infrastructure to the boundary of the development to enable the development of Te Tumu. This all requires careful planning in partnership with developers and the community, to deliver the best outcomes for everyone.

What is structure planning?

Structure planning is a type of spatial planning for urban areas. It takes a big picture approach to the development, or redevelopment, of larger areas – identifying what constraints there may be on the land, what areas are suitable for housing, what development could look like and where infrastructure needs to go. It pulls the pieces of the puzzle together and ensures the area functions as a whole. See more on what structure planning looks at further below.

Proposed structure plan as at November 2017

We have developed a proposed structure plan that looks at the internal road layout, where the different land uses (e.g. residential land, open space) could be located, the density of different areas, possible sites for schools and more. The draft plan shows that approximately 400ha of the 740ha of land at Te Tumu could be developed. The remaining 340ha would be protected to preserve the natural and cultural history of the area, and protect the community from natural hazards. All elements are combined in the map below.

Proposed structure plan map

Draft structure plan elements

Vehicle movement Public realm and open space Cycle and pedestrian movement
Vehicle movement (5mb pdf) Public realm and open space (5mb pdf) Cycle and pedestrian movement (5mb pdf)
Public transport Density  
Public transport (3mb pdf) Density (5mb pdf)  

This is all a draft and we will keep refining these maps as we go along, find out more information from our research and gather feedback from the community. The final proposed structure plan will also go through a formal consultation process.

What structure planning looks at

Land use

the type and location of land uses that will be permitted, including development type, density and staging


multi-modal transport links and connectivity such as roading, public transport, cycle and pedestrian access

Three waters

the location, type, scale and staging of infrastructure required including stormwater, water and sewerage


of new development and growth with existing and proposed infrastructure and urban development in the eastern corridor

Landscape character

specifically around the Kaituna River and wetlands, and the coastal area, and the associated amenity they could provide

Tangata whenua how cultural values and tangata whenua aspirations will be taken into consideration 

Green spaces

reserves and open space networks

Protecting people identifying how natural hazards – such as tsunami, coastal erosion and flooding – could impact the area and how to protect the community from them

Protecting the area

the protection of sites, features or values which may be cultural, ecological, historical or amenity related

Community facilities

how we provide them in the area or how we give access to existing facilities in other areas


locating areas where historical contamination may have occurred (e.g. old scrap yards, landfills, orchards) and may constrain future land use

Network utilities

provision and location of electricity, gas, broadband

Getting to this result requires a lot of research, technical assessments, modelling etc. It also requires a good understanding of what outcomes we want to achieve for the community and landowners, and what the community and landowners want.

Last Reviewed: 20/03/2019

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