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Golf Road and Grenada Street separated cycleway trials

We’re proposing to trial some separated cycleways along Golf Road and Grenada Street. 

This is one of our projects to help make it safer and easier for people to travel between Sandhurst Drive and Golf Road. A lot of students walk and ride bikes to school through this area, so we want to make it as safe as possible.

We consulted with the local community about these plans between February and August 2018, and in October and November 2018. Consultation is now closed. Thank you to everyone who gave feedback.

A report on the project was received by the Transport Committee on 8 October.  There was a Council resolution made at this meeting to endorse the implementation of the project but that further consultation be undertaken with residents of Grenada Street. This additional consultation process was completed and reported to the full Council on 20 November. At this meeting it was confirmed that the Grenada Street Cycleway aspect of the project should be implemented in line with the rest of the project. Below is a summary of the recommendations to be implemented for the project:

The proposed cycleway

The cycleway trial will go along both sides of Golf Road and Grenada Street to provide a high degree of separation and safety between traffic and people who are riding bikes on the road. The physical structures would be temporary to start with. If the project is successful they would be replaced with permanent structures. We are planning to start work on these in early 2019 and then the trial will be monitored.

One-way separated cycleways along both sides of the road makes it easier for people on bikes to connect into other streets and other bike paths. It is a good facility for less confident bike riders as people on bikes are travelling in the same direction as vehicles. To make this option work along Golf Road and Grenada Street, most of the car parking along both sides of the road would need to be removed. 

Cycleway draft plans (4mb pdf)

Why separated cycleways?

There are increasing levels of congestion in this area that is making it unsafe for the high numbers of children and adults using bikes. The Tauranga Cycle Plan also identifies this area as a priority for providing safer options for school children and adults biking around and through the area. 

Tauranga Cycle Plan

Feedback we received about the Tauranga Cycle Plan confirmed that most people want us to provide bike paths that are physically separated from traffic. These types of bike paths have been installed successfully in other cities in New Zealand but are new to Tauranga. 


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