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Greerton traffic safety improvements

We’ve upgraded some of the main roads and intersections in Greerton Village to make it safer for everyone who uses this area.

Making Greerton Village safer to get around

A lot of work went into developing and reviewing options to help improve Greerton village roads for everyone – people walking, on bikes, on mobility scooters and in cars. 

We engaged with the community in July 2017. A display was up at the Greerton Library for a week with all the information about the preferred options, we directly mailed local residents with a brochure and we hosted two drop-in sessions with Tauranga City Council and NZTA staff at the Greerton Library. We shared the option that we believe is the best to deliver all of the desired outcomes, and provided feedback forms.

Community consultation concluded in August 2017.

Construction progress 

Construction started in March 2018 and was completed in December 2018.

Outstanding works:

  • The various bollards/railings removal is underway and should be completed by the end of January 2019.

Why were these improvements needed?

The Cameron Road and Chadwick Road roundabout is ranked as the second worst local road location in the city in terms of serious, minor and non-injury crashes. Overall in the last five years, there have been 70 crashes in the local area; two of these were serious crashes which involved a pedestrian and a cyclist. The crash trend is increasing with 23 crashes in 2016 (prior to this the average number of crashes was about 8 per year). 

To improve the safety for people in Greerton, we are proposing to reduce the number of ‘conflict’ areas by taking away some traffic movements (such as U-turns and the right turn from Cornwall Street), providing signalised pedestrian crossings, and cycle facilities. Full access will be maintained to properties, but some right turn movements will now need to be made at the roundabouts.

Desired outcomes

  • Improve general road safety of the Cameron Rd/Chadwick Rd intersection
  • Improve safety to people moving through the area by foot, bike or mobility scooter
  • Protect most of the trees 
  • Provide additional greenspace and trees
  • Provide new cycle facilities 
  • Retain ‘village feel’ 
  • New ‘hot mix’ road surface

In 2015 Council prepared a concept plan to replace the roundabout on the intersection of Cameron and Chadwick Roads with traffic lights. After meeting with the community in November 2015 and hearing all of the concerns, Council recognized that this concept would not achieve all of the desired outcomes as Greerton’s ‘village feel’ would be undermined. We have spent the last 18 months evaluating a significant number of different options, which we believed could resolve the main safety issues in this area. This work included safety assessments and engineering reviews. Throughout this time, we have been working with the Greerton Village Community Association to make sure the chosen option meets the community’s needs.

A3 Concept Plan (69kb pdf) Engineering Plan (2.5mb pdf)

Frequenty asked questions

Frequently asked questions (175kb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 23/01/2019

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