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Hairini and Turret Road bus lane

We want to help make bus trips between Welcome Bay and the central city more reliable.

We’ve put in a new bus lane on Hairini Street and along Turret Road.

Hairini causeway bus lane

Hairini causway bus lane map (60kb pdf)

Starting at the Hairini Street bus stop, the bus lane allows buses to take an uninterrupted trip down Hairini Street and onto the causeway toward the Turret Road bridge. 

This is one of several opportunities we’ve been investigating to help improve bus travel times. The bus lane is a step towards this. If traffic is stationary the new lane would allow the bus to pass about 110 cars.

The bus lane and bus stop on Hairini Street are open from 6 July 2018. Walking and biking access down Hairini Street remains open.

Access through Hairini Street will stay closed to general traffic for the foreseeable future. NZ Transport Agency and Tauranga City Council will continue to monitor traffic conditions as part of the Maungatapu underpass project. The NZ Transport Agency built the new bus lane as part of the Maungatapu Underpass construction contract. 

The council has been looking at ways to make travel safer and easier for more people between Welcome Bay and Cameron Road, including bus priority measures and upgrades to the cycle network.

Why was the end of Hairini Street closed?

The end of Hairini Street was closed for public safety reasons on 25 June because there was a heightened risk of nose-to-tail collisions at the end of Hairini Street. The council and the Transport Agency observed people who were driving at speed down Hairini Street being caught out by the road layout change where a temporary stop sign had been put in at the end of the road. The road was closed before peak traffic early on Monday morning 25 June. 

Why is the vehicle exit that was being built at the end of Hairini Street being reviewed?

A separate exit and controlled left turn was planned to be built at the end of Hairini Street for people driving cars onto Turret Road. This is currently under review. We usually allow ourselves time to monitor and review the effect that new roading projects have on people’s travel behaviour. Traffic modelling for these large projects does not always fully align to the decisions that people choose to make when they encounter new road layouts. The council and NZ Transport Agency are continuing to review options to assist traffic movements in peak periods.

Last Reviewed: 06/07/2018

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