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Maunganui Road safety improvements

We’re making Maunganui Road safer and more attractive.

Maunganui Road is a local road and we’re aiming to create a calmer, safer environment for everyone who travels through the area. We will design traffic lanes and roundabouts in a way that encourages people who are driving to naturally reduce their speed. 

This work started in 2017 with improvements between Tawa Street and Sutherland Road. In 2019 a 3m wide shared path was constructed along Blake Park. We're continuing with similar projects between Sutherland Road and Golf Road. The projects include traffic calming, safer biking facilities, pedestrian crossing points, new roundabouts and more greenery in centre strips along the road.

It's all proposed to be constructed over the next four years, depending on the location.

Map - Maunganui Road improvements (549kb pdf)

Construction started in March 2019 and will be completed by 30 June 2021.

Includes increased parking spaces, two new roundabouts, a 3m shared pathway, and improved connections to other cycle paths.

Works completed to date:

  • formalised car parking, change some to angle parking and provide more than 160 additional parking spaces at Blake Park and the Mount Action Centre
  • 3.0m wide shared footpath/cycleway adjacent Blake Park
  • new Blake Park/Bay Oval entrance and footpath link.

To be constructed between September 2020 and June 2021

  • new roundabouts at Clyde Street and Tay Street
  • solid grassed median strip with trees/plantings
  • improved pedestrian crossing points
  • road resurfacing with asphaltic concrete
  • new streetlighting
  • new roadmarkings.

Detailed design - Hull Rd to Hinau Street - Roadmarking layout (1mb pdf)

Construction proposed for July 2021 to June 2022.

Includes a new two-way separated cycleway and a solid grassed median strip. Hundreds of students use this area every day to get to school. Providing physically separated cycleways with easy access to the schools is an important part of improving safety for everyone who travels through this area.

  • solid grassed median strip with trees/plantings
  • two-way physically separated cycleway on the beach side of the road
  • connection into the proposed cycleway on Golf Road
  • new round-about at Tui Street
  • on-road bike lane on the railway side of the road.

This proposal provides the option to add in a bus lane in the future. There will be no change to the numbers of car parks provided in this location.

Detailed design – Golf Rd to Tui St – Roadmarking layout (1mb pdf)

Proposed for 2022/2023.

Includes a solid grassed median strip with trees/plantings, on-road cycle paths on either side of the road and roundabouts at Sutherland/Pitau and Matai Street.

Proposed for 2023/2024.

Includes a new two-way separated cycleway starting on the beach side of the road (Bayfair end) and finishing on the railway side of the road (Mount end) with a signalised crossing at Dee Street; new signalised intersection at Tweed Street; improved pedestrian crossings and improved connections for the Hull Road intersection signals.

Last Reviewed: 20/12/2019

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