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McFetridge Lane upgrade

We are upgrading McFetridge Lane to ensure the safety and smooth flow of traffic and all users, whether they are travelling by car, bicycle, bus or are on foot.

To accommodate the extra traffic created by new housing, McFetridge Lane will undergo some changes. These include:

  • widening of the road
  • establishment of kerbs
  • establishment of pedestrian walkway on one side of the road 
  • establishment of streetlights
  • sewer and water upgrades.

The concept design for McFetridge Lane includes the potential for a parking area at the reserve. This decision will be made after the road widening has been completed.

Roadworks have begun mid-February 2019 and are scheduled to be complete August 2019.

Access to the Ohauiti Reserve

The site office for this project is at the entrance to Quail Ridge. There is space to access the Ohauiti Reserve from this point. However, it is important to be cautious when navigating around this specific area. Please be careful not to enter the work areas. An alternative way to enter the reserve is off Ohauiti Road.

McFetridge Lane artist impression
Indicative post construction image. Note: street tree locations yet to be determined.

McFetridge Lane Layout (124kb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 01/07/2019

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