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Mount Maunganui one way trial

We want to make it safer and easier for people to ride bikes and scooters along Pilot Bay. We're considering whether to trial a one-way traffic system along The Mall.

Feedback on this proposal has closed.

Key features of the trial include:

  • One-way traffic from Salisbury Avenue to the Adams Avenue roundabout. 
  • There would be a two-way separated ‘cruise way’ along The Mall – intended for people of all ages and abilities riding bikes, scooters and skateboards.
  • New pedestrian crossing outside the Mount Hot Pools.
  • The one way lane would be wide enough for buses and boat trailers.
  • Speed limit remains 30kmph.
  • 6-month trial, then review. 

Intended benefits of the trial:

  • Safer, calmer environment for people driving cars. 
  • Allows us to create a safer environment for people of all ages and abilities on bikes and scooters. 
  • It improves cycle connections in the Mount area, adding to our wider effort to make it safer and easier for people to ride bikes. In the long term it could link with planned cycle improvements along Totara Street. Tauranga City Council and our partners are working to create an integrated network of cycleways that will provide safe, efficient and appealing links to and from the city.

Parking availability

  • One car parking space will be lost as a result of the trial. 
  • Parallel parking will be maintained on both sides of the road. 
  • Angle parking is not a viable option in this situation because it will take up more space and create safety issues. Longer vehicles would overhang into the road, and people accessing the boots of their cars would end up standing in the live traffic lane. 

Next steps

Last Reviewed: 16/05/2018

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