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Ngatai Road

We’ve been looking at different ways to make Ngatai Road safer and easier for everyone, for people riding bikes, pedestrians and people in vehicles.

Ngatai Road is a key connection between Bellevue, Matua and Otumoetai and the central city. That's why we have been looking at different ways to make this road safer and easier for everyone. The transport improvements planned, are aimed at all road users who travel between Otumoetai Road and the Matua Saltmarsh. With three schools in the area, we're especially mindful of the safety of our children going to and from school.

What’s our goal?

  • Increase opportunities for children and students to cycle to school
  • A safer, more attractive transport route for people
  • Help reduce traffic congestion and air pollution

Project details

  • A two-way, protected on-road cycleway that is three metres wide, with a shared path connecting into the back of Otumoetai Intermediate School. This is to improve safety for people of all ages and abilities who are cycling and walking.
  • A new type of crossing at the Saltmarsh entrance and at the Otumoetai roundabout. These two crossings have a zebra crossing combined with a crossing for people on bikes. They will enable all ‘vulnerable road users’ to cross safely. 
  • Parking will be retained on the eastern side of the road (same side as Carlton Reserve) for residents and visitors.
  • Several bus stop locations, with “inline” bus stops along the route. This means vehicles will need to stop and wait behind the bus while passengers get on and off.

Ngatai Road Map

Ngatai Road concept plan (8.3mb pdf)

What else did we consider?

We looked at building an on-road bike lane on both sides of Ngatai Road, however this option would require removal of parking on both sides of Ngatai Road having a negative impact on local residents.

Next steps

  • Construction starts 21 January and is expected to take four to six months.
  • We'll continue to work with affected parties throughout the design and construction.
  • The new road layout will be a bit different to what people are used to, so we're preparing information for schools and residents to help everyone understand the changes. 

Example of a two-way cycleway Example of a combined crossing
Photos: (Left) Example of a two-way cycleway (Right) Example of a combined crossing


The Ngatai Road Project is part of the Tauranga Cycle Plan, which is the blueprint for building safe, connected cycleways to get more people riding bikes, more often. Ngatai Road is well-used by people on bikes - the number of people biking on road increased from a weekly average of 730 people biking on the road. However, a recent survey targeted at schoolchildren and their parents showed us that 46% of the people travelling on Ngatai Road don’t feel safe. This is an extra motivation for our plans.

Consultation was undertaken in October 2017 with an online survey, a mail drop to local residents with information about the project and feedback form, and a public open day held at Otumoetai Intermediate School. 

86% of all respondents supported a two-way cycleway on one side of the road with 46% of those supporting the proposal providing suggestions. Otumoetai College, Otumoetai Primary and Bellevue Primary schools have all offered their support for the proposal.

Additionally this project will fit into the Urban Form and Transport Initiative (UFTI). This initiative will consider the bigger picture of how current and future transport and housing projects should optimally link with each other.

Last Reviewed: 23/01/2020


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