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Ngatai Road bike lane

We’ve been looking at different ways to make Ngatai Road safer and easier for everyone, for people riding bikes, pedestrians and people in vehicles.

We are wanting to put in a two-way, on road cycleway that is 3 metres wide (between Charles Street and Otumoetai Road roundabout). The options we are looking at include a physically separated cycleway with a raised kerb or, where limited road widths exist, installing flexiposts. More details about this proposal are provided below.

What’s our goal

  • Increase opportunities for children and students to cycle to school.
  • A safer, more attractive transport route for people
  • Help reduce traffic congestion and air pollution

Project details

  • A two-way, on road cycleway that is 3 metres wide (between Charles Street and Otumoetai Road roundabout).
  • Physically separated cycleway with a raised kerb or where limited road widths exist, flexiposts may be required.
  • Signalised pedestrian crossing in the vicinity the existing crossing, including a separated cycle crossing point.
  • It’s likely that some roadside parking will need to be removed should the project proceed.

Chevron Drive cycle concept plan (296kb pdf)Ngatai Road cycle concept plan (229kb pdf)

What else did we consider?

  • Off-road biking/walking path
  • On-road bike lane
  • A mix of both

While the off-road facility has some advantages, there is not enough space to provide it.  In addition, this does not allow us to address some of the safety issues pedestrians face when trying to cross Ngatai Road.

Next steps

The next steps are:

  • Consultation closed on Sunday, 5 November 2017, followed by a review of the issues raised through the feedback process. 
  • The information was presented to Councillors for consideration on 12 February 2018 who endorsed the detailed design and implementation of the proposal.
  • Council will continue to work with affected parties throughout the design and construction.
  • Council is commencing an education initiative for both general public and users of the cycleway, including local school students and residents.
  • Construction is expected to commence later in 2019.

Last Reviewed: 11/03/2019

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